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Love of The Dance

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Love of the Dance

A holistic, integrated approach embodies the essence of the sacred feminine. This missing element in our system of justice and civil process is elaborated on by writer and mystic Andrew Harvey (Harvey and Matousek, 1994). Harvey and Matousek explore what balance and wholeness mean as they delineate three powers of the sacred archetypal feminine: (1) knowledge of the interrelationship of all life, (2) the law of rhythm, and (3) the love of the dance. I’ve included this material to incorporate into this book some of the lyrical quality— the lightness and relatedness— of the deep feminine. 

Inherent in the interrelationship of all life are “respect . . . gratitude, and natural compassion for all . . . life”. With this knowledge, we diminish the power of appeals to fear based on they and them. For example, what they think about something or what they might do becomes less important when we see those others in ourselves. Fear-mongers play on our sense of separateness and isolation to whip us into conformity, cruelty, and mob behavior. If we do not feel separate, we deprive the fear-mongers of the raw material they need to do this. 

We come to recognize in others something of ourselves.  We come to recognize that what goes around comes around— that what we dish out, we get, one way or another, in return. When we treat others disrespectfully, we hurt ourselves, even though we cannot see how at the time. 

The governor-general of New Zealand, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of V. J. Day (Victory over the Japanese in World War II), read a prayer that ends this way: “In the end, we will not be truly reconciled until you are as important to me as I am to myself.”  (This reconciliation prayer is available in full here.) In the new paradigm, using new mind, we look for mutual benefit and mutual gain. 

The law of rhythm is “the knowledge that the universe has its own laws and harmonies that are already whole” and we must “intuit, revere and follow them”. This power recognizes that “to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1).  There is a time to catch the flame of interest in resolving with negotiation, but it is not all the time or any time. Knowing that there are tides and seasons in human relationships and human affairs, as there are in nature, and that they are beyond our control, our greatest success will come from patiently going with them rather than struggling against them. 

The love of the dance, in which “life itself, in all its paradoxes, is seen as completely sacred,” allows an appreciation of the intricate web of human affairs and human interactions. It allows life to be appreciated in all its “ordeals and wonders”. This power allows us to accept the fact that others do things that make no sense to us— for good and sufficient reasons that just are not apparent to us at the time. We no longer reject what we do not understand, demanding that it be served up our way before we take cognizance of it.

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