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At the point you decide to stop rushing about controlling each bit of your life and let natural Divine Order take its course instead, you have reached a landmark and major turning point in your 3rd dimensional career on Earth.

When you decide to drop the programming of lifetimes that tells you that you have to ‘stay on top of everything,’ you have made a major leap in your evolution.

Maybe you have concluded (after numerous emotional traumas) that the route you’ve been following could be a bit more fun! As you climb above the latest chaos that the Universe has sent to test your wits, a desperation takes place – oops! I mean awareness - that tells you that maybe it is time to ‘Let go and let God'. After all, we hear that in the end, we have to do this anyway. Perhaps it is an easier route, so why not try it!

OK.  Here it is straight - exactly how it is.

Once you have surrendered, allowing yourself to follow your intuition (inner tuition) in each moment, you are now ‘in the flow of the natural order of the Universe.’ Life now takes a major swing into the positive stakes. Faith and trust comes hand in hand with this resolution to stay free of the dictates of your mind and emotions and be guided by your spirit/heart/intuition.

At first it may not seem so easy, as the old fears and 'need for security' flash past your mind and you break out in a sweat with visions of being cast out penniless onto the street. Release, trust and detachment are needed here. Release the fear, trust the Divine process and 'detach from all outcomes.' Maintain a spiritual viewpoint, not a 3rd dimensional one. Recognize that a part of your mind is presenting you with a fear and just let it go. Keep re-focusing back to Divine faith and trust. Stay centered. Don’t allow yourself to be thrown off balance. Once this mode of operation is established, you find you are living in each moment, saying and doing only what resonates and feels right to you.

You will know you have really made it, when you can remain focused on the Light, loving everyone and everything, acting without judgment or criticism, trusting in the Divine plan and the abundance of the Universe, even if World War 3 were to break out around you. Now you are the Christ Consciousness.

Because you are actually present in each moment and not being distracted by the myriad of 3rd dimensional details involved in the 'planning out' of your life, you now easily see the subtle signs reflecting life’s lessons.

With your new awareness and perception, you won't need to experience the brick walls and traumas anymore. Now you can use your higher mind, blended with Spirit. Lessons are presented lightly and rapidly. Everything now moves quickly and joyfully, and you experience great leaps taking place in your personal evolution.

From this place of being, ‘you will know what you need to know, when you need to know it’. You are now able to easily carry out the Service role you came here to do. The weight of the world lifts, as struggle, effort, pain and suffering are replaced by joy, happiness, love and excitement.

Now you can live in the world, but are not of it. You just became the truth - Spirit. There is nothing else you need to do. Just remain in the flow. You have gone beyond what was and what will be, and moved into 'now'.

Now you discover the sublime joy of Service and Unconditional Love.

Now life begins.

Sandy Stevenson
Ascension 2000

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