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A New You!

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A New You!
by Marie T. Russell & Miss Desmond

When do you stop to take notice of you? To look at you and see how wonderful you are?

In case no one has told you, everyone needs time alone -- to get a handle on who you are, to take stock and really get into who you are. We need to cultivate and treasure quiet moments -- to hear the sunrise, and taste the sunset.

Why renewal? Well, when we get used to seeing the same old things... we tend to ignore and not remember why we do things. The wonder of electricity... is it just a switch for you -- has the wonder of it died away? How about church rituals... just the same old thing or do you really get the inner feeling of what is happening? How about looking at why you are here. Is it just to go to work, feed the kids, pay bills, etc.

Why are we here? Can you remember? It's like working -- we've done it so much... but we forgot why we work and therefore it becomes a drudgery. Life in general... with all the things happening today... we look at the earth signals as disasters and have forgotten that Mother Earth sends us messages. Have you heard about the meteor that is going to hit some day? Just another incident you say... nay, I say... there is something spiritual going on.

Renewal can mean to reconnect... a time to be reminded of our inward connection with the divine essence of ourselves which is within... not in the physical world but inside of you. That's why the spiritual aspect is so important... it is so quiet, that you may not hear it. Time-out to remember!

So what's the purpose of all this? Just to remind you to renew your connection with the Divine within. Demonstrate it in your every day life. Be the unconditional love. Stop judging. Look and know that we are all here in this educational surface (Planet Earth) to learn and to remember who we are.

I invite you to renew your commitment to Higher Self... to take time for you, to slow down and look at what messages your mind, world, and affairs are showing you. Don't like working at the shop? Too much talk? Look inside. It may be your own internal chatter that you need to stop. Stop it there and it will stop outside.

Renew your inner spiritual self. Look at the messages that God is telling you everyday. Like the seasons, we must change. If we still are holding on to old beliefs and habits we have had since 19???... we must evolve and become anew. Become the chameleon, change colors with each situation, and demonstrate the divineness within. We must remember to do random acts of kindness and senseless beauty... not just for yourself, but for all of us.

Reconnect with the aliveness within. And remember to look at every situation in your life as God's particular dealing with your soul. The next time something happens that is out of the ordinary in your life or in the world, see if you can figure out the message. Remember God talks to us all day long. It's up to us to become open enough to hear and correctly interpret messages. So let's listen to our still small voice and remember.... you are holy. Walk it, live it, and be it!

The more we let our own Divinity shine, the more we will light up the path for others. So take time to nurture your Light and let it shine!

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