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The Evolution of Spiritual Awareness

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The Evolution of Spiritual Awareness:
The Process of Re-discovery

Imagine, if you will, the evolutionary process of spiritual awareness in terms of one collective journey. Image that you, personally, evolved over the course of millions of years.

When you first appeared in physical form on this planet, you were a simple, single-celled creature. You then created more of you to share your journey. At this time, your level of awareness was quite limited. This was necessary, as the transformation from the spiritual world to the physical world is a process that would have been too overwhelming if you had immediately formed into a "human being." Also, the course of development from amoeba to human was one filled with many wonderful and purposeful experiences for you, and in turn, for the Spiritual Intelligence — the One Spirit —, who was experiencing the physical existence through you.

When you eventually left the sea, you were extremely caught up in the physical experience. You believed your physical self to be all there was and were afraid of losing who you thought you were. So you learned how to survive and adapt to this world. Throughout these ages, you came to experience and know your physical self. This was the highest level of awareness on the physical plane.

As the threats to your physical survival diminished — as your body continued to evolve into an entity that could survive and thrive — your mind was able to flourish. You now entered into a new level of awareness: the mental plane.

You said, "I live," and began to ask why. Thus, you continued the process of re-discovery — the re-discovery of who you truly are.

You thought someone, something, somewhere outside of you, must have created you and for a reason. And so began the concept of God. You created theories about God and about life. You divided yourself into prophets and messiahs to help answer your questions. And when you thought you had the answers, you created all types of temples and churches to help you celebrate and share your wisdom.

The wisdom of religion was beautiful, but some of you changed the core philosophy from Love to fear, in order to control and manipulate others. You did this to experience what you thought was true power, but you forgot that you were more powerful than anything in this world.

You, at this time, created many rules and regulations in your religions, and… punishments for not believing and following the "word."

But the word was never to be followed, simply remembered.

Many of you now experienced anxiety as fear created dissonance within you. You wanted peace. Having felt that religion may have been causing your confusion, you turned to science.

Science began to take off and you developed new theories on life. You now had ways to test these theories and the scientific process began. As you created answers you also created more questions. You were able to "prove" many things, but not everything. Something deep inside told you that you were more than just a machine — more than just something that lived and died. This was your Higher Self speaking to you. You decided to answer this voice and look within. And so, you moved on to a higher level of awareness: the plane of spiritual awareness.

When you first began to look within for answers to who you really were, you believed that your confusion must be from within as well, so you created specialists to "fix" what you thought was broken. Specialists to help you correct your mistakes. But nothing was ever broken. Nothing was ever a mistake. You were simply continuing the process of spiritual re-discovery and doing everything you desired to do — exactly when you desired to do it.

And then, you began to awaken.

You began to understand yourself in a whole new way. You began to realize that what you saw in your mirror was only a reflection of a physical illusion. In the past, you thought there was more to life than what you saw. You thought there was a spiritual side to yourself. Now you began to realize that you did not actually have a spiritual "side." You began to remember that there are no sides to yourself. Spiritual, is all you really are. The rest is an illusion.

You are now remembering that there is a source of energy from which you belong:

A remembrance that there is a way to have everything, without taking from others.

A way to shine, without stealing someone else's light.

A way to love without fearing loss of Love.

You are now becoming conscious to your true nature as a spiritual being experiencing the physical world. You are now re-membering who you really are.

You are now re-discovering yourself as the One Spirit.

Re-discovering yourself as Love.

Enjoy your journey.

Love and Light

You cannot teach a man anything.
You can only help him to discover it within himself.
- Galileo

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