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There is One Truth...

There is one truth, but it comes in many, many forms. Every religion is a metaphor. Each bit of spirituality is a metaphor. All of these things, including me and my words, are metaphors for the one truth.

You may look at it in many ways and many do. Do not worry over which presentation, which metaphor, is the most accurate. For the truth is at once incredibly simple and incredibly complex. It lies within your understanding in total simplicity, and yet goes beyond your understanding completely. And so, it comes to you in metaphors. You deal with it in metaphor.

It does not matter which form you prefer. What matters is that you look to each for the truth which underlies the form and not the form itself. Look for the one truth, the great truth, which all religions, all spiritual forms, espouse.

And that is: all is love. You are love, all is love. All is love and all is one. All is one in being, all is one in connectedness, all is one in love.

The universe is made of love. This is its essential form. And everything in it is one, joined completely in togetherness and being. And all of this, this truth, underlies all of the metaphors and can be found by you beyond these metaphors, ceremonies, altars and rituals, if you will but seek the quiet peace which lies in the silence when you have quieted your mind.

Seek quiet. Look to the deep truth which you hold within your own heart. Worry less about what other people tell you. Worry less about how one organization or group has seen things versus another. Worry less about ritual and form and more about content.

More about truth.

All is love. All is one. And all of this can be completely known in the stillness beneath your thoughts. This is truth.

You are not alone. You are deeply loved, because you are part of the all, you are a precious part of the all which is one, and that all is love. This is truth.

The rest may be interesting, may be fun, may be deeply moving, may help you connect and understand, but this is the truth.

Learn to meditate and reach peace and you will find this truth for yourself. Then when you read and explore and have spiritual adventures, you will know the place to return to, to refresh yourself with the simplicity of the true answer: All is one and all is love.

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