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Biography Becomes Biology

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Biography Becomes Biology.

Caroline Myss has demonstrated her intuitive ability to diagnose illness with an accuracy of 95%. With Dr. Norman Shealy she has written The Creation of Health. She's also the author of Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing. Known as a medical intuitive, Carolyn's work has gained great renown in a very short time.

Michael Toms: Caroline, one of the principles you wrote about in Anatomy of the Spirit is that "biography becomes biology." What does that mean--that our past somehow relates to our health?

Caroline Myss: Imagine that you have a hundred circuits of life-force energy coming into the top of your head. This life-force is the pulsating energy behind cell mutation and division, behind the heartbeat, behind the functioning of the body. This electromagnetic energy is also the energy that you invest into memories, thoughts, attitudes--into your history.

When I do a reading on somebody, I go after where you've invested those circuits; I go after every investment you have that is not in present time. I begin to pull your traumatic memories, your negative attitudes and self-image. So I'm looking at your biography. These are the biographical events that leave biological debt factors.

Imagine that, when you get up in the morning, you have a hundred dollars' worth of energy coming in. And you have a memory that's costing you sixty dollars a day to finance, and an attitude that's costing you twenty-five dollars a day. By the time you're done, you've got three bucks left over to manage your biography today!

What I recognized is that your biography becomes your biology--you are one and the same with your life and your history. Events that you have not yet reconciled, haven't forgiven, haven't let go of, are carried as that debt in your cell tissue.

Does that mean we create our own illnesses?

I'm glad you asked that. I'm going to say "No." Instead, it's much better to say that we influence our health. That is certainly true. Do we create it? No, we haven't got that kind of power. But we certainly do have an influential factor.

Perhaps it's like the way environmental factors affect us, and the people we associate with, and so forth

Absolutely. If I feel negative, think of the chain reaction: I tend to do negative things, and not to care about the things that I eat, or whether or not I smoke, or take drugs, or whatever. And those behavioral patterns have biological consequences. So we are a major influence in our health. That is to be sure.

But this thought needs some refining. What we've done is taken that perception and applied it only in the "good-and-bad" system of thought. We take a truth like "We create our own reality" or "We influence our health," and we drop it into the reward-and-punishment system of thought. We still think, "If I'm ill, I must have done something bad."

That's where this thought needs a lot more refining, because it's not true. Sometimes illness comes not because there is negativity but because it's the most appropriate teacher. It's not always negativity that causes illness. It's not as simple as, "An ill person has done something negative."

When I began to look at why people don't heal, I realized that we do not have a model of being healthy in our culture that really appeals to us at all.

It's a bold statement to say that people find the idea of becoming healthy unattractive, so I need to explain that. The truth is, we don't want to be in pain. That's certainly true. But in our minds we see "being healthy" as no longer being emotionally vulnerable, no longer needing anybody at all, no longer having any emotional issues to ever talk about. Our concept of emotionality is that it's such an out-of-control enemy that being healthy means we finally have no emotional needs at all, and therefore we are isolated. Our body works, our heart works, and we don't need anybody.

That's simply not a functioning model of what it means to be healthy. But nine out of ten people in my workshops will admit that their definition of becoming healthy means they'll be alone. Therefore, what I've noticed is that people sabotage their healing journey, often in ways that they don't realize.

This goes back to the question, "what does it take to heal?" Healing first requires that people recognize where they've lost their power, where they've lost their spirit.

We don't know yet what it's like to have self-esteem in such a way that we celebrate our strengths, and celebrate our creativity. We still go at it through our wounds. We still don't know what it's like to feel healthy without feeling embarrassed by our strength. Until we develop a model of health that says we can have pride in being creative, strong, and intelligent, without apologizing, without feeling shame, we will use our wounds as a privilege.

Many of us go the doctor and put ourselves in their hands. Even if we think that we shouldn't do something they recommend, we'll do it. We don't have the strength to stand up and say, "I don't think I should do that."

That's exactly what I'm saying.

Let's look at it from a completely different point of view. Let's pretend you and I are off the planet, and looking at it; and we're observing a shift taking place in the global brain, to borrow Peter Russell's magnificent term. It is a shift to a new level of maturation of thought that is changing archetypal patterns. And the archetypal structure that's getting dismantled, Michael, is the parent-child one that until now has formed our relationships with God, with the government, with medicine. We call God "Father"; we think the government will take care of it, the government will take care of my old age, the government will take care of me if I don't work; and that the doctor will take care of me.

But every single system of parent-child is going to fail us somehow. Every parent-child archetypal relationship that we know of is becoming dysfunctional. Is that not so?

It certainly seems that way.

In its place, what's being required of us is that we emerge and say, "OK, I'll let go of the parent-child relationship, and I'll take co-creative partnership." So instead of saying to God, "Make me healthy," I'll say, "OK, God, what are the terms that I need to live by to maintain my health?" Look at the difference in the maturation of that prayer!

We are entering into an age in which the management of consciousness is about the management of a more mature level of our own empowerment.

When I look at people failing in their healing process, I realize that, from a symbolic point of view, they're archetypally terrified to give up the parent-child dynamic. It is very frightening to give that up, because we don't know this new face of God we're going into.

We don't yet know this face of God that says we are co-creative partners. We've read about it, we've dreamed about it, but we haven't lived there yet. We're beginning to visit that dimension, but we run back to the old world, where the myths are still very much myths of parent-child.

Basically we have to learn to take more responsibility.

Well, the word "responsibility" is very punitive, don't you think? It sort of says, "Who's responsible for this mess?" Another way to say it is that we're learning how incredibly empowered we are, how powerful every one of our thoughts is, how powerful every one of our attitudes is.

The language we're familiar with says, "We have to become more responsible." That's true, but that word doesn't hold it completely enough; it's not a big enough word to embrace the fact that we're becoming conscious of how multi-dimensional we are, how much power we are managing right through our system, and that we are actively participating in the health of every single one of our cell tissues by the thought forms that we hold in our head.

I find it very interesting that you link self-esteem with the ability to take on our personal power. Why?

The light went on in my head when I started to teach workshops on developing intuition. By the second workshop I realized, "Wait a minute! You're not coming to me because you don't have intuition. You're coming to me because you're so intuitive that you're terrified." That's when I saw it clearly for the first time.

I said to my group, "How many of you need me to tell you that you're unhappy, that something's wrong? None. You may think intuition is the capacity to see the future, so that you can make a decision that won't cost you any money, and will end up with a romantic relationship.

"You think intuition is fortune-telling, so that you'll have a safe passage to the next chapter of your life. But in fact intuition is the ability to alert you to the fact that something's wrong, that you're not happy. And none of you needs help with that. So what's stopping you from listening to that? The fact that you're frightened. And what leads to that kind of fear? Low self-esteem and lack of faith. The two biggest blocks to intuition are low self-esteem and lack of faith."

If you don't have self-esteem; if you feel, "I can't handle change without a guarantee of the outcome," you're never going to hear your gut instincts correctly. You're going to jam your circuits. You're going to invite the saboteur archetype into your thoughts. You're going to go into denial; you're going say, "No, I'm not really feeling that." You'll find any which way not to feel it.

That's how intuitive we naturally are--we have to spend 90 to 95% of our time blocking our intuition! That's what addiction is all about. It's not that we're not (intuitive), it's that we're so intuitive, so naturally geared to read energy and to sense these things that I'm talking about, that we spent 95% of our time blocking it because we're so terrified of the consequences of making decisions. Does that make sense? Yes, it does.

Imagine someone has a dream. In the dream, their angel says to them, "You know what? It's time for you to start a business. We want you to start a radio program; we want you to start New Dimensions." You wake up in the morning and you say to Justine, "You know, I had this dream."

If you had low self-esteem you'd dismiss it as, "Wouldn't that be fun?" but you wouldn't do anything about it; whereas, if you really had the sense of guts that says, "Hey, God, you want to talk to me directly? I can handle it," the next thing you know, you'd be saying, "Okay, I'm going to do it." And everything is taken care of. Your job is to hang on to vision and manage it day by day. Manage it with honor, manage it with integrity, and everything else will take care of itself.

Well, that's how it's been working for twenty-three years.

That's right. I tell this to people who are at a choice point. This is probably the most difficult thing for people to get, because they think there is such a thing as a right or a wrong choice. In truth, what the gods are really looking at is the energy with which we make the decision we do.

Very good. That's a salient point.

That's the determining factor. So whether or not I choose the right or the left door is, quite frankly, in the Buddhist language, illusion. What matters is what motivated me to choose, and that's what will end up (being important). Then I'll discover what is behind the door. So I tell all my students, "Take the riskiest path that you can find." What looks like the safe path is illusion. What looks like a risk is illusion.

Take the riskiest path you can find; keep your attention in the present time; carry no extraneous baggage; forgive everybody you can possibly think of; pray daily; just manage your spirit with integrity, and keep your honor code between you and God. You don't break that, no matter who's "not looking." God is.

I used to think that God only went after the big events. You know what I mean: "If I stole a car, well. . . . But what's a nickel, right?" I think that I will remember when I'm recounting my life that I moved this pen. I think everything matters.

No matter what.

No matter what. These are the things that count in life--the management of the spirit with honor.

Myss - Sacred Contracts

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