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Listening to Your Heart

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Listening to Your Heart
by Janny Adkins

It seems that this should be such an easy task, to listen to our heart. If you listen to your heart, you know what brings you joy, peace, beauty, and love. So why wouldn't we want to do this? Most of us have been taught to distrust our heart. Our heart will lead us astray we have been told, and cause us pain. It is our mind, teachers have told us that must be developed and followed.

Much of what we have been taught can be attributed to the patriarchal philosophy that has dominated our world thinking for the past 2000 years. The masculine orientation, historically, has honored intellect over emotions, observation and measurement, through use of our five senses, over intuition and knowing. As a woman, who found it nearly impossible to ignore my emotions and intuition, and think in a rational linear manner, I often had a sense that I was inherently flawed. Try as I might I could not allow the rationalizing processes of my mind to be my final guiding force for my life. I even took classes on how to be a more rational thinker, and how to think logically. I tried to shut down the rich emotion that was being beamed from my heart.

Now as I look back, I realize that my heart was sending out energetic information to guide me. My heart always spoke to me and captured my attention helping me to follow my life's journey. This was often at the disappointment of my family and friends who wanted me to be more rational. It was only as I began to teach the "Living With an Open Heart" workshops that I began to understand the superiority of the heart's wisdom over the intellect. The intellect must be used to inform us of our physical world's teachings and information, but it is our heart that must guide us, integrating the energy of our soul as superior to that of our personality/intellect. Our heart heals us and keeps us in communion with energy of our soul. The heart is also our barometer for helping us know what is important to us from an emotional and spiritual perspective. If we do not listen to our heart, we deny ourselves valuable feedback and guidance.

I have spent most of my professional life in healthcare often teaching people about the risk factors for disease. Cardiovascular disease or heart disease kills more individuals in the United States than any other disease. I believe there is a clear energetic connection between our western world's distrust of our heart wisdom, and the absolute blind following our intellect as superior. I have often taught individuals the medical risk factors for heart disease, like family history, cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, inactivity, being overweight, increasing age, and diabetes. I believe if one only looks at the physical and genetic risk factors, we are only looking at half of the puzzle pieces.

From an energetic perspective, the heart is the center of the human energy system. As I discussed in last month's article, the new field of energetic cardiology is demonstrating that the heart is more than a pump. It has wisdom; it is the energetic center of love, and knowing. How tragic, that our society has taught us to distrust the callings of our heart. We often work when we need to rest, eat when we are not hungry, and laugh when we want to cry, remain angry when we need to forgive. It is our intellect that drives us to prove ourselves when our heart may be broken, feels rejected or unworthy. The intellect/personality knows only fear and lack. The heart is love. If we listened to our heart, our world and ourselves would be much different. We are all so afraid, and all so much the same. We are often afraid to trust, or believe in goodness and mercy, love and light, peace, joy and healing. In truth, this is why we have come to earth to overcome all fear and sense of lack in order that our soul could have that experience of overcoming. The physical body is the vehicle of experience. The third dimension or our physical world is the only dimension in which this can occur. If we suppress our heart's wisdom, we drive ourselves beyond our limits, often injuring our physical bodies and our mental and emotional well being. We fail to forgive, and nurture and honor ourselves. We fail to live with an open heart.

The wisdom of the heart is a gift from Spirit and our Higher Selves. Listen and develop the ability to discern and balance the intellect with heart wisdom. When we do this, we are moving into our Christed Consciousness. We are raising the frequency of our beings, the Planet, and ourselves. That is our work; that is our love made visible.

Janny E. Adkins is a Spiritual Teacher, Author, and Healer/Nurse. She is certified in Holistic Nursing, and Healing Touch. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher, and Karuna Reiki Master. She has worked in healthcare for 25 years. She works with the spiritual guidance of The EinSoph and is available for phone readings, one on one spiritual advising, workshops, and private healing sessions. She teaches a workshop on Practical Ascension. The Rainbow Spiral Meditation CD, which supports the awakening of the Twelve-Chakra Energy System is available through her website. Her business, Twelve Rays of Light is devoted to assisting individuals in re-remembering their co-creatorship abilities, and supporting practical approaches towards actualizing the ascension process. She is also co-owner of Inside Out Concepts, which assists business in utilizing ancient spiritual concepts. Her book The Call to Anchor Light was published in December 2001.

Please visit her website: Janny Adkins

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