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Be The Lighthouse, Not The Rescue Boat

by Lauren Zimmerman

In our zest for evolving beyond the current reality, and our very sincere desire to assist everyone on this journey, we often lose sight of some very Universal Truths. Each of us choose our own life experience. And each of us make these choices based upon what we need in order to learn or achieve so that we might take our personal steps in Soul evolution.

Love clouds many issues, but it is necessary for each of us to realize not only the infinite Soul of self, but also the infinite Soul of all others. There are many times during this process that each of us will falter, will feel enormous pain, and may even lose our way.

Where there is love, there is the natural instinct to rescue. But at times we must resist that instinct. There may be those who gasp in dismay at my words. Is it love to stand aside and allow a loved one to suffer? Is it love when we do not race down into the trenches to pull our friend out of the mud? Yes … there are times when taking no action is love.

If you, as a Soul, need to experience a period of great turmoil, a turmoil that will force you into the depths of yourself to find your own answers, a friend would be empowering you by standing beside you and supporting you and loving you — but not rescuing you.

If you take the hand of a friend and pull them out of the mire they’ve created for themselves, you have robbed them of an opportunity. By remaining in the mire, they will find strength. They will find personal power. They will learn to trust themselves, to turn to their own inner voice. Please understand that if you see a loved one in physical danger, or in harm’s way to the degree that intervention is called for, do not hesitate.

We Are Not Victims

Emotional detachment, something each seeker must learn, calls for a delicate balance of offering support, serving humanity, and offering your belief in a person to the degree that they realize you believe they can rise above all circumstances. As we watch the daily chaos and suffering on Earth it is difficult to believe that we are not victims. But we are not.

Emotional detachment allows for a different perspective when evaluating the reality we, as a human society, are creating. When we accept and then begin to understand that our creations, what we experience daily, are created from a base, a foundation, that lies within us, we begin to understand how to create different experiences.

To rescue someone from his or her own creation/experience is to rob them of the opportunity to understand why they are creating the experience they are creating. Our experiences are the gifts we receive from ourselves, with the intention of out-picturing what resides within us.

By taking the deep internal beliefs that we carry, the spirit within us creates an external picture/experience. This creation is a mirror that shows us what foundation we are creating from. If the foundation is fear, doubt, pain, our external world will reflect this foundation back to us. Because all creation must have a foundation on which to build, Universal Law dictates that the foundation must be within us for the simple reason that like attracts like.

The greatest gift we can give each other and ourselves is the gift of allowing our spirit to express, via our external experiences, the truths that reside within us and within our personal energy fields. By doing so, we bring to our attention deep, unhealed wounds and/or beliefs, whether they be from this lifetime or from the past.

As we work through our experiences, gaining understanding, conquering fear and pain, we heal that which causes us to create pain and suffering. As we heal pain and suffering, we give ourselves the very real possibility of creating a world based on joy and Soul-wisdom.

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