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A Call To Action

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No Rest

by Michael Berg

The Kabbalists call our physical world the World of Action. This name holds within it a very important and powerful lesson.

The purpose of our lives in this World of Action is simply action. We need to constantly push ourselves to more and more actions of spiritual transformation. This is a relatively clear lesson, but there is another side to this lesson, which is frightening, and important.

The lesson from the term World of Action is not simply an exhortation asking us to continue our spiritual actions and growth, but a statement of fact. This is a world where action will be present in one way or another in our lives here. Our choice is whether this “action” will be positive and proactive or not as positive and reactive. This is not reward or punishment per se but rather the nature of this World of Action. We can chose to spend our time of “action” in proactive action of sharing and spiritual growth or the “actions” can be forced upon us with situations, problems and stress that we would rather avoid. This needs to be a very serious understanding. We cannot change the need for action, it is the nature of this world, but we certainly can control the nature of the “action”.

Understanding this we gain more impetus for our spiritual work, for not only does our spiritual work and actions bring fulfillment to our lives but it also prevents any other not so positive actions from coming into our lives. We should remind ourselves that this is a World of Action, not of rest; our power is in determining what kind of action our lives will be filled with. Keeping this lesson in mind always we can ensure that our lives our filled with nothing but positive, proactive, fulfilling actions.

by Michael Berg, author of "The Way"

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