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The Energy That Built The World

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Connecting To The Energy That Built The World

Ana Be'Ko'ach

The ancient prayer, which was composed by Rabbbi Nehunia Ben Hakannah, (is included in every prayer book) and has been revived by the Kabbalah Centre. The Ana Be’Ko’ach Is built around a sequence of 42 letters that are encoded within the first 42 letters of the book of Genesis. The kabbalist explain that this seven sequence combination of letters takes us to the time of Creation. Each time we meditate on a particular sequence, we are returned to the original uncorrupted energy that built the world. The Ana Be’Ko’ach corresponds to the seven days of the week. Each sentence also corresponds to a particular heavenly body. By performing the Ana Be’Ko’ach meditation, we enrich our lives with unadulterated spiritual Light and positive energy.

The Ana B'Koach Prayer. Scan from right to left.

The Kabbalah Center

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