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Kabbalah's 13 Rules of the Game

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Kabbalah's 13 Rules of the Game
by Yehuda Berg

1. Don't believe a word you read. Test-drive the lessons learned.

2. Two basic realities exist: Our 1 percent World of Darkness and the 99 percent Realm of Light!

3. Everything that a human being truly desires from life is spiritual Light!

4. The purpose of life is spiritual transformation from a reactive being to a proactive being.

5. In the moment of our transformation, we make contact with the 99 percent realm.

6. Never - and that means never - lay blame on other people or external events.

7. Resisting our reactive impulses creates lasting light.

8. Reactive behavior creates intense sparks of Light, but eventually leaves Darkness in its wake.

9. Obstacles are our opportunity to connect to the Light.

10. The greater the obstacle, the greater the potential Light.

11. When challenges appear overwhelming, inject certainty. The Light is always there!

12. True internal change is created through the DNA power of the Hebrew letters.

13. All of the negative traits that you spot in others are merely a reflection of you own negative traits. Only by fixing yourself can you change others.

And finally, ULTIMATELY:

Love thy neighbor as thyself. All the rest is mere commentary.

Now go and learn.

Excerpted from the book "The Power of Kabbalah" by Yehuda Berg

The Power of Kabbalah at

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