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The Earth Experience: An Ancient Mystery School
by Janny E. Adkins

Have you had the sense recently that many who are on the spiritual path are experiencing an increase in their daily challenges and traumatic events? It appears that all one needs to do is consider what the most frightening experience would be, and into our life that fear appears all dressed up and ready to assist us with our spiritual growth and development. Whatever the situation or challenge, the experience of fear or lack is provided. Our life has been designed in a very clever manner by our Higher Self to help us maximize our "Earth Experience" which Gary Zukav labeled "Earth School."

I often remind myself that these experiences are orchestrated and planned by none other than myself, Spirit, and my spiritual angelic advisors. The question for my Higher Self is "Are you sure I participated in this process?" This question frequently surfaces when I face what society would label challenges or threats to my security. I provide spiritual support to my clients, and I find myself offering reassurance to them and myself, that our current experiences are all part of the ascension process.

Ascension is the process of becoming enlightened, conscious of our choices in everyday life, and functioning at a higher level of vibration, which is love not fear. We, as a part of Humanity, are waking up and consciously claiming our birthright as a co-creator. This waking up encompasses consciously choosing and using our ability to embrace all aspects of our self, creating that which we Desire. We are creating from our Heart not our ego or intellect. We are the conduits for the ascension process.

It is a very practical process involving all aspects of our Being and our lives; otherwise, we would not have chosen the "earth experience". The Earth is the place of practice and experience for the soul. In order to have experience one must have a third dimensional body. By choosing to experience Earth, or the third dimension, we offer as a gift, this experience to Spirit/God, and of course to all beings, for "We are All One".

We are living in a magnificent "ancient mystery school". It is our third dimensional experience living on and with our Beloved Mother Earth, Gaia, which provides us with the "experience" or opportunity for overcoming, transcending, and practicing the art of the alchemy of emotion. It is quite simple really. Transform fear into love. Do not allow fear to control you, your life, or your decisions. This is simple really, but not easy. It requires quiet, consistent and personal courage and relentless commitment. Often these courageous earth choices are undertaken alone without anyone knowing. In your quiet moments, when you consciously choose to face your fear, you become the alchemist, transcending fear and transforming it into love. This is the alchemy of emotion, or practical alchemy as one of my dears friends has labeled it. Masters use alchemy of emotion to exist in a constant frequency of love. When we operate from the frequency of love we ascend.

In other lifetimes and other incarnations, initiates enrolled in schools of ancient wisdom and knowledge. These schools were called "mystery schools". Those who were accepted were required to confront their fears in a very concrete manner in order to learn the alchemy of emotion, or the secret of transcending fear. Initiates were offered contrived fears like a pit of snakes, a convoluted tunnel of water, and being buried alive. If we initiates did not succumb to fear, we remembered that fear is a perception and that we possess the ability to transform that fear, even overcoming the body's need for a continuous supply of oxygen necessary to withstand a live burial. These tests were created to challenge initiates to claim their mastery over their fear; thereby discovering that fear is an illusion. There was immediate feedback and initiates either faced the challenge, dropped out, or died. This was obviously more concrete and to a certain extent more glamorous than our current Earth Mystery School.

After this past year of challenges, changes, and relationship experiences, I have concluded that it could have been easier to jump into a pit of snakes than to live day by day with the uncertainty of my next steps. Relying on my own inner wisdom, listening to my heart, ceasing the questioning and doubt of the intellect is a far greater challenge and test.

The spiritual path is about surrender. We are asking ourselves to surrender to the wisdom of our heart and the needs of our Soul by placing our trust in The Divine within. We place our intellect/ego in subservience to our Heart. The questions arising from my ego and personality focus on financial security, expressing love, integrity, authenticity, conflict in relationships, uncertainty of career, health status of loved ones and control. This list goes on and on. All of my responses have been taught to me. These responses of my intellect are deeply rooted in fear and a sense of lack and never having enough. It is all an illusion.

In this lifetime, we are already Masters or we would not be in this "earth school" dealing with perfect designed situations to assist us in our re-membering. We are living in a very auspicious time for Gaia and Humanity. We are "waking up" to our authentic power, which is the free will to choose love knowing that we are capable of also choosing the opposite of love. Since we are all pure love at the core of who we are, this fear is the illusion, just as the contrived experiences of the ancient mystery schools were illusions. We are to remember our skills of alchemy to transform fear into power. Through participation in this process, we assist humanity, Gaia, and, of course, ourselves in the transformation of fear. We move through the veil of illusion. Therefore, our entire life cooperates with us, on a day-to-day basis, to provide these opportunities to reclaim our mastership and ascend our fear.

I have spiritual acquaintances that believe the ascension process will magically lift us into another dimension literally one day finding ourselves in the fifth dimension. They go on to say that we will exist in perfect love, beauty, harmony and desire. Perhaps they are correct. I look at the ascension process in a more practical manner. It is our job or life's work, to transcend our fears, practicing practical alchemy with our emotions. We then co-create with Spirit, Heaven on Earth. Human beings are the conduits for this process. Without human beings, the process cannot proceed. This is a planet of free will and choice. We must freely choose love. As long as we are operating from fear, ascension cannot occur. We stay stuck in fear. Look into the eyes of those you believe to be against you. These are the ones that you have anger towards, or experience conflict with. You will see mirrored in their eyes, your "guides" that will assist you on your pathway to ascension.

I am a first-born child, and as a first-born child I have a high need to please and to do things right. I want desperately to do this "earth thing" right. Alas! I realize that there is no right. Everything is right! Our life is exactly right for us on our pathway to wholeness. To become whole is a requirement of the ascension process. When we hold onto the concept of duality or extreme concepts or emotions or thoughts, we are polarizing ourselves away from our wholeness. The concept of good and evil, right and wrong, light and dark, love and hate, are all experiences which we have come to Earth to embrace and balance. These energies are all a part of us.

We often acknowledge that portion of ourselves that we know to be "good" or acceptable by society. It is part of our socialization and is carried on the "hard drive" of our collective unconscious mind. Carl Jung, a great psychoanalyst said, "Would you rather be good or whole?" He was telling us that in order to be a whole person we must identify and accept or embrace those aspects of ourselves that seem to be the opposite of what we believe ourselves to be. The laws of the Universe are such that if there is light there is also dark. If there is love, hate exists as well. If we see ourselves as filled with light, peace, joy and love, we must know that, on our pathway to enlightenment requires that we heal, confront, and embrace those polar opposites within us. Out of our free will, we choose to stand in love without judgment of others or ourselves.

Wholeness is achieved when we embrace all of who we are. We Know. We are a co-creator. Knowing is a function of the Soul. Our choices in life are then made from an "enlightened" understanding. We create our life, our world from our authentic power. We stop re-acting from a sense of fear. When we use our intention and place our spiritual arms around all that we experience, claiming our power, we "ascend" the illusion of separateness. Through this process, we begin living totally from the wisdom of our hearts, actualizing or putting into action the love we are.

We have come to Earth to experience relationship through being human. We offer this experience to God/Spirit. Without a body there is no experience. This process is one that unifies all of humanity. It is a practical, concrete and integral component of the ascension process. We must know, ascend fear, anchor love and light, and manifest the desires of hearts in the third dimension. This is the process of awakening to the essence of our true Selves, which is love; we are creating Heaven on Earth. This is Ascension.

Janny E. Adkins is a Spiritual Teacher, Author, and Healer/Nurse. She is certified in Holistic Nursing, and Healing Touch. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher, and Karuna Reiki Master. She has worked in healthcare for 25 years. She works with the spiritual guidance of The EinSoph and is available for phone readings, one on one spiritual advising, workshops, and private healing sessions. She teaches a workshop on Practical Ascension. The Rainbow Spiral Meditation CD, which supports the awakening of the Twelve-Chakra Energy System is available through her website. Her business, Twelve Rays of Light is devoted to assisting individuals in re-remembering their co-creatorship abilities, and supporting practical approaches towards actualizing the ascension process. She is also co-owner of Inside Out Concepts, which assists business in utilizing ancient spiritual concepts. Her book The Call to Anchor Light was published in December 2001.

Please visit her website: Janny Adkins

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