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Global Shift of Consciousness
"Conversations with God" excerpt - by Neale Donald Walsch

  • Seek only Godliness. Call forth only Godliness. Speak only truthfulness.

  • Act only in love. Live the law of love now and forever more.

  • Give everything and require nothing; avoid the mundane. Do not accept the unacceptable.

  • Teach all who seek to be learned of Love. Make every moment of your life an outpouring of love.

  • Use every moment to seek the highest thought, say the highest word and do the highest deed. In this you
    glorify your Holy Self, and thus you glorify Love.

  • Bring peace to the Earth by being Peace to all those lives you touch. Be Peace.

  • Feel and express in every moment your divine connection with the All, with every person, place and thing. Embrace every circumstance, own every fault, share in every joy. Contemplate every mystery, walk in
    everyone's shoes, forgive every offense (including you own), heal every heart, honor every personís truth,
    adore every personís God, protect every personís rights, preserve every person's dignity. presume every
    personís holiness and pronounce every personís future secure in the assured love of God.

  • Be a living breathing example of the highest truth that resides within you...

  • Make your life a gift and remember in all ways You Are the Gift.

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