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In “The New Revelations”, from the “Conversations with God” series by Neale Donald Walsch, Neale gives us this wisdom to ponder:

According to The New Revelations, the following beliefs about God and life are fallacies that create crisis, violence, killing and war:

5 Fallacies About God

  1. Humans believe that God needs something.
  2. Humans believe that God can fail to get what He needs.
  3. Humans believe that God has separated them from Him because they have not given Him what He needs.
  4. Humans believe that God still needs what He needs so badly that God now requires them, from their separated position, to give it to Him.
  5. Humans believe that God will destroy them if they do not meet His requirements.

5 Fallacies About Life

  1. Human beings are separate from each other.
  2. There is not enough of what human beings need to be happy.
  3. To get the stuff of which there is not enough, human beings must compete with each other.
  4. Some human beings are better than other human beings.
  5. It is appropriate for human beings to resolve severe differences created by all the other fallacies by killing each other.

5 Steps To Peace

The New Revelations invites readers to take the Five Steps to Peace. In taking these steps, readers would:

  1. Acknowledge that some of their old beliefs about God and about Life are no longer working.
  2. Acknowledge that there is something they do not understand about God and about Life, the understanding of which will change everything.
  3. Be willing for a new understanding of God and Life to now be brought forth, an understanding that could produce a new way of life on the earth.
  4. Be courageous enough to explore and examine this new understanding, and, if it aligns with their inner truth and knowing, to enlarge their belief system to include it.
  5. Live their lives as demonstrations of their highest and grandest beliefs, rather than as denials of them.

Nine New Revelations

The new revelations are contained in a series of nine statements that the book offers for readers to consider as they explore the possibility of changing their present beliefs about God and about Life.

These nine statements are:

  1. God has never stopped communicating directly with human beings. God has been communicating with and through human beings from the beginning of time. God does so today.
  2. Every human being is as special as every other human being who has ever lived, lives now, or ever will live. You are all messengers. Every one of you. You are carrying a message to life about life every day. Every hour. Every moment.
  3. No path to God is more direct than any other path. No religion is the "one true religion", no people are "the chosen people", and no prophet is the "greatest prophet."
  4. God needs nothing. God requires nothing in order to be happy. God is happiness itself. Therefore, God requires nothing of anyone or anything in the universe.
  5. God is not a singular Super Being, living somewhere in the Universe or outside of it, having the same emotional needs and subject to the same emotional turmoil as humans. That Which Is God cannot be hurt or damaged in any way, and so, has no need to seek revenge or impose punishment.
  6. All things are One Thing. There is only One Thing, and all things are part of the One Thing That Is.
  7. There is no such thing as Right and Wrong. There is only What Works and What Does Not Work, depending upon what it is that you seek to be, do or have.
  8. You are not your body. Who you are is limitless and without end.
  9. You cannot die, and you will never be condemned to eternal damnation.

"New Revelations" Talking Points at CwG website

"The New Revelations" at

In addition, Neale makes a “Call To Action” by all of those who believe, or are willing to believe, that we, as individuals, CAN make a difference. We transcribe them here, and urge you to think about them:


What You Can Do (Right Now) To Help Change The World...

My Dear Friends,

We are coming upon the wonderful end-of-year holidays, and at this very special time of year I invite everyone reading these words to join hands in choosing to co-create a new reality on our planet -- a world in which violence and killing are banished forever from our arsenal of “solutions.”

We can do this, and if you will read on further, I want to tell you one of the ways we can play our part right here, right now. Each of us. In our own lives, in our home communities.

I, like you, yearn for the day when we can celebrate a Christmas without war or the threat of war somewhere in the world. It seems that someone, somewhere is always fighting, always dying, because of human differences. We are like children, having been given this garden of paradise (take a look at some of the other planets around here and see which one you’d like to live on), and proving ourselves to be utterly incapable of playing together nicely. Sometimes I just want to shake everyone’s shoulders and say, “Play nice.”

There is something wrong here. Something desperately wrong. And I know what it is. We are trying to solve the crisis in the world today at every level except the level at which the crisis exists. We are trying to solve it with political, economic, and even military means, because we either don’t understand, or are afraid to admit, that it’s a spiritual problem.

The world is in the shape that it’s in because of the things that human beings believe. As I have been saying repeatedly now since receiving The New Revelations, “beliefs create behaviors.” What we have to do if we want to see real change in our world is alter the belief system of human beings.

You can help do that.

There are many ways to do this without impinging on anyone else’s personal freedom or choices, and without imposing on individuals by “proselytizing.” You can become a social activist for spiritual change. Spiritual Activism is what is called for in The New Revelations, which also gives us all some wonderful tools, including the Five Steps to Peace and the nine New Revelations.

I am urging everyone to take these Five Steps to Peace and become modern-day Martin Luthers, nailing them to your chosen house of worship -- church-house door, and the door of every mosque. Please do this. I mean it. Really. If you believe in the material that has been given to us in Conversations with God, then you’ve got, got, GOT to see what’s in The New Revelations, and you’ve got to join me in becoming spiritual activists and in bringing this extraordinary material to wider public attention.

Our world is in very, very deep trouble right now. Can there be any question about this? Do you think that I am overstating or exaggerating? If not, if you agree with my assessment, then it is time, right now, for you and I to do something about it.

Please, please become familiar with the Five Steps to Peace and the nine New Revelations, and see if you agree that they could change our world. If you do, go now and nail them to your house of worship. Do this every week for sixteen weeks. Get others to join you in this simple act of spiritual activism. Sooner or later others are going to start paying attention.

Then, do as The New Revelations suggests and start your own in-town Five Steps to Peace Dialogue Group, inviting local ministers, priests, rabbis, ulamas, and other members of the clergy, along with business and political leaders, young people, and the general public, to sit down together to explore new ways to hold the experience of God and Life, and to recreate that experience together.

We are presently operating on fallacies. We are staunchly believing Five Fallacies About God and Five Fallacies About Life, and living these fallacies as if they were real is becoming very dangerous. Now, before it is too late, we must talk about these things.

And these discussions must be held at the local level. We have had enough of international summits, United Nations Joint Resolutions, and world conferences on this, that, and the other. None of these things have produced the outcome that humanity so desperately seeks.

It is up to us now.


That means you and me.

Let me be clear about something. The reason that most of the people on our planet do not want to admit that this is a spiritual crisis we are facing is that the world family does not want to have to acknowledge that this spiritual crisis has been created largely by exclusivist organized religions, most of which teach human beings that they have a right to do whatever they think they need to do in order to defend themselves from all those who disagree with their cultural and religious beliefs -- and who they thus imagine to be their enemies.

With this justification, human beings allow themselves to call all “attack” a “defense.” Muslims have done this. Christians have done this. Jews have done this. Hindus have done this. People of virtually every religious persuasion have done this.

What we need in order to resolve this spiritual crisis is a willingness to look at our current beliefs about God and about Life and see if there are any that are not working. Then to admit it, if we find some. Then to consider some new ideas to replace them.

But there hasn’t been a new idea seriously considered by organized religion in hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The human race is paralyzed on this point.

That’s because new religious ideas challenge the bedrock beliefs of humanity. We want to hang onto our beliefs no matter what the cost. Rather than make ourselves, or those who gave us our beliefs, wrong, we hang onto our beliefs even if they don’t work. Even if they’re killing us.

The most devastating belief that I can think of is that we have been separated FROM God BY God because we have failed to do God’s will. The reason this is so devastating is that Exclusivist Organized Religions have used this as justification for separating us from each other in a misguided thought that their way is the only way back to God.

And so we’re trying to do the impossible. We’re trying to get back to Unity through separation.

Now there are a lot of damaging beliefs about Life that spring from this belief about God, such as….Might is Right, Survival of the Fittest, To the Victor go the Spoils, Every Man for Himself, an Eye for an Eye, My Way or the Highway.


Unfortunately, we think that we are, because we have been told that we are by religions themselves.

There’s a way out of all this. We have to do whatever it takes to encourage humanity to explore new ideas about God and about Life – ideas that create Unity, not Separation. We’ve got to approach the crisis at the level at which the crisis exists. To do this we must, as I said, become spiritual activists. We have to communicate directly and frequently with those we have placed in charge of our future – our political and spiritual leaders.

We must tell them to stop the insanity; that what they are doing is not working. Then we must show them what does work. And this we must do by example.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. This begins at our kitchen table. It extends outward from there…to our neighborhoods, to our places of business, to our churches and synagogues and temples and mosques, to our communities, our state, our nation, and to the world at large.

This will be accomplished not by joining a single organized religion, but by joining together in a common undertaking, in a unified effort, speaking with an urgent voice to all the world, and carrying a simple but eloquent message:

Our differences do not have to create divisions. The variations in our beliefs do not have to produce violence in our lives. There is another way. But we will not find that way by searching for it. We will only find it be creating it. And we cannot create it by staying stuck in old beliefs, but only by being open to new ideas. New ideas about God and about Life that can inspire the world.

There are many ways to do that. I’ve established as one way for people to connect with each other to share new ideas, to explore new possibilities, to examine new paradigms, and to propose a new relationship with God and with Life that can truly light the world.

Please consider joining Humanity’s Team and becoming modern-day Martin Luthers. Please nail the Five Steps to Peace to every church-house door. Take it to every temple and synagogue and mosque as well.

I am serious here. Mail the Five Steps to Peace to every Letter to the Editor column in every publication you read. Send it to every community leader and politician you
can think of. And nail it to the church-house doors.

Then, please visit the website. And, after reading the opportunities for further participation found there, remember the words with which Helen Keller encouraged our world.

"Do what you can do."

Thank you.


Neale Donald Walsch


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