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The Language of the Soul

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Feeling is the Language of the Soul

By Neale Donald Walsh

In life, the biggest choice you will ever make is the choice between your truth and the truth of another.

And how can you know which truth is "truly" yours? Conversations with God says by listening to what you are feeling. Feelings reside in the soul, and the soul is God-in-you. In this place is your truth, and it is in no other.

Most of our adult lives are spent learning to trust our feelings. This is not surprising, since most of our growing up years were spent learning to ignore them.

Many people were told as children that feelings were not "good." It was not "good" to be angry and to show it. It was not "good" to feel jealous and to show it. It was not "good" to feel scared and to show it. It was not "good" even to feel too excited and to show it. It was not good, it was not good, it was not good.

If we ran into a room filled from head to toe with youthful exuberance, we were told to hold it down, to not interrupt, to keep still. If we stormed away hurt and angry, we were told to stop that right now, apologize this instant; never speak to elders that way again. If we laughed too loud or cried too long, spoke too soon or asked too much, we were made to know that we had somehow done something "wrong." We had not been "good."

In all of this, we couldn't have missed the point; we couldn't have escaped the message. Life wasn't about learning how to be, it was about learning how not to be, what we were.

For many adults the biggest challenge is to remember Who They Really Are. Such a big portion of them has been dropped by the wayside, left behind, abandoned, stifled, ignored.

Do you want to know who you are? Do you want to get back in touch with your truth about things -- whatever those things may be? Then check out your feelings. Listen to your Soul.

Try not to confuse feelings with emotions.

Your feelings are what you know about a thing. Your emotions are what you do with what you know.

A feeling is energy. An emotion is energy in motion. There is a difference between the two.

Your feeling is your truth. It is exactly how you feel about a thing, based on what you factually and intuitively know. Because feelings are what you know about a thing, they will always be your truth, but they may not be the truth. That is, they may not be what you would have formerly called Objective Truth, especially if you look only at what you factually know, and set aside or ignore what you intuitively know.

There is no such thing as Objective or Factual Truth in this Reality. All truth in our world is created by the context within which it is experienced or observed.

Emotion is the power which creates, but it has nothing to do with what is really so. (Little of what you create in your life does.) Emotion is neither True nor False. It is simply energy in motion, and so, it simply is.

An emotion is an experience. A feeling is a knowing.

How you feel is what you know about a thing. How you express those feelings is how you emote -- or experience emotion. That is, how you place energy into motion.

(Excerpt from "Conversations with God" newsletter, Feb, 2003)

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