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The Dance of Body and Soul

 Diet and Spirituality

By Laura Bruno M.A., RMT

Feeling “stuck” never feels good.  In our bodies we call it constipation, and say, “Death begins in the colon.”  Indeed, fermentation of sugars and putrefaction of proteins have been linked to most major human health problems.  People often become raw foodists in order to improve digestion—without realizing how much pressure this shift will put on other slow-moving or blocked areas of life.

In Intuitive Life Path Assessments, clients also ask me to evaluate their soul’s goals and journey thus far.  People usually contact me because they feel “stuck” in a relationship, a job, or overall in a life that no longer excites them.  As a Medical Intuitive, I’ve become acutely aware of the interconnectedness of body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Compared to physical constipation, soul stagnation can feel equally uncomfortable and a whole lot scarier.  When physical constipation releases, we know where to let that sh*t go, but how do we “dispose” of key elements of our lives that no longer serve us?  Once we remove our blockage, where does the new flow go?

As raw foodists cleanse their bodies, a similar process takes place on the soul level.  Just as a stagnant body encourages a stagnant mind, a flowing body urges fluidity on other levels.  When people resist changes in their lives, the soul starts to back up, and the associated discomfort becomes even more noticeable in the absence of physical constipation. Consciously or not, many people reject a raw food diet because life suddenly demands too many changes.  The human system seeks balance, which means body and soul want to progress hand in hand:  a cleaner diet both intensifies and upgrades overall energy.  Dampening the energy requires “dirtying” the diet.  

I see this effect in a variety of areas.  Take yoga, for example.  The practice has become so Westernized that people often feel unprepared for emotional and spiritual pressures that arise from stretching the body.  But ancient yogis designed the “asanas” (postures) to massage and stimulate organs and glands for cleansing and hormonal effects conducive to meditation.  The original purpose of yoga was to calm the body and mind enough to embrace God Consciousness.  Whether taught as a spiritual practice or just as precise physical poses, yoga invites a corresponding Awakening of the soul.  People who do not wish to move faster on their soul’s journey have a difficult time sustaining a yoga practice because body and soul want to awaken together.  If one refuses to move, the other will knock and kick and scream, and then sadly return to its former state. 

For the same reason, many people return to cooked food when life nudges them to move beyond stuck areas.  Despite intense physical messages—both positive and negative—resistance in the soul can overrule the body’s desire to heal and upgrade.  Some people find themselves feeling worse than before because they can now make a real comparison. Depression and the sense of “leading a boring life” often result.  Meanwhile that creative urge so closely tied to spiritual awakening starts looking for other outlets.  If not given expression in outer life, repressed creativity can manifest things like cancer, auto-immune diseases, and/or freak “accidents.”  Then the body receives another chance to get our attention, and the process begins again.

Perhaps the biggest resistance people feel comes from a fear of fully recognizing inner and outer beauty. When others begin to comment on our radiant skin, high energy, lightness and smile, it often unearths feelings of inadequacy or embarrassment.  A soul that came here to accomplish glorious things begins to shine through, and with that visibility comes expectation.  Suddenly, old patterns no longer fit.  “Why not’s?” becomes increasingly difficult to answer.  Unless we reinforce physical, mental and emotional levees, a flood of spiritual blessings threatens to wash our old lives clean.  Rebirth and renewal will become the necessary present—not just future possibilities.

When the soul and body agree to embrace all the wonderful opportunities and love coming their way, things move very fast!  I have seen people make quantum leaps by integrating the body’s desires with the soul’s dream.  Intuitively, that’s why I believed a raw food diet would bring me freedom.  My soul felt afraid of visibility.  I loved writing and offering intuitive insights, but I wanted to write under a pen name and intuit under a rock.  As long as I looked less than radiant, I sensed that I could hide my gifts.  In clearing through physical sludge, I knew I would have nowhere left to hide.  At the time, I felt OK loving my body, but I didn’t feel so confident about my soul.  As a precaution, I had always kept my soul locked up behind less than glowing skin.  In honoring my body, I knew I would unshackle my soul.  My face and my energy became brighter, and people noticed.  Hiding my spiritual gifts felt as unnatural as plastering my face with chemical foundation.  My skin and my soul began to breathe more easily than ever before.

But the soul can also lead the way.  Some people reading this may already have careers in accord with their life’s purpose, but suddenly the body demands attention.  I have worked with a number of intuitive healers and artists whose bodies needed urgent upgrades in order to “hang” with their level of spiritual work.  Most people mistakenly believe that spiritual work will protect them from all manner of physical ills, but it actually intensifies the risks.  As more and more life force energy tries to run through the body, the extra voltage can short circuit and create “fires” in stagnant areas.  Not every artist or psychic needs to follow a raw food diet, but in the soul’s quest for more and more inspiration, the body will begin to suffer without its own cleansing and dietary upgrades.   

A raw food diet can seem difficult to balance.  Some people follow all the physical advice to the letter and still have problems.  They read dozens of books, search online, and still can’t seem to make things work.  In my raw food coaching, I have often noticed that the issue lies somewhere else!  Once people recognize that their body has slowed down in order for the soul to catch up, the diet clicks effortlessly into place.  You can save yourself hours, weeks—even years—of struggle by attending to body and soul as one deeply devoted couple.  When each knows the other can come along, they will both enjoy a faster, richer journey.

Laura Bruno is a Life Coach, Medical Intuitive, Animal Communicator and Reiki Master Teacher. In addition to private coaching and intuitive sessions, she teaches Conscious Eating 101 classes, Intuition workshops and Reiki Certification classes around the country. For more information, please visit: International Renaissance Coaching

Laura wrote the long-awaited book, "If I Only Had a Brain Injury: A TBI Survivor and Life Coach's Guide to Chronic Fatigue, Concussion, Lyme Disease, Migraine or Other "Medical Mystery", now available at If Only I Had a Brain Injury or at, as well as her new E-Book: The Lazy Raw Foodist's Guide, available at:

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