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The Tradition

There is a saying that goes "When the Student is Ready, the Teacher will appear." The Ishaya Tradition is the Tradition that for "all" that wish to know the true nature of the Self, it will be known. Truth is always provided for those who are sincere in their willingness to leave behind what they think they know, and open to receiving what lies beyond their present experience.

Throughout the ages from the beginning of Time itself, the keys to the reality of the Ascendant have been interwoven into the fabric of creation. Ishaya means "For the Christ" or for "Consciousness".  It is a label like any other name but represents those that have achieved fulfillment, and those that have dedicated themselves to knowing "That".

Cognized (recognized) by the Ishayas are the
"Ascension Attitudes." These keys to understanding, these "Ascension Attitudes", can be found in the Bible, The Koran, A Course in Miracles and even a little book called The Door of Everything. They are found again in many other books and prayers throughout history’s collection of Religions and beliefs, and they have always been present and available for those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

Those that have maintained the lineage of passing these techniques in purity from Teacher to Student have at this age in Time made them available for the ever-increasing rise in human consciousness that is taking place on Planet Earth.
These techniques, these "Ascension Attitudes," are based on the foundation of all of creation, and are simple to use and require no belief to work. They only require that they be used.
Just as a pianist practices the piano to master it so must the aspirant practice the Ascension Attitudes to master their Universe and the Self. They work automatically to draw the mind inward where the body relaxes and begins to naturally dissolve stress and habitual thoughts.
By their design they rewrite the structure of belief and habit by immersing the mind into the infinite potential, which automatically washes away all shadows of limitation and ignorance and brings in a new light in perception based on a new anchor or cornerstone in the foundation of Creation.

The experience of life automatically starts to change with the very first time the Ascension Attitudes are used. "Life" is change; "The Ascendant" is a constant.
The Ishayas teach the Ascension attitudes to whoever wishes to dramatically change their experience of life, or simply want to remove stress from their life.
The pure potential of Self-realization is the birthright of every human being and the truest desire of every heart; how you use the keys of the Universe is strictly up to your desire and application to achieve it. The initial Ascension Attitudes are taught in a weekend Format, known as “First Sphere.”

"Please do not take my word for it.
Rely on your own experience."

Our lives change when we make different choices.  If you want a different crop, sow different seeds.  What do we  put our focus on in our day to day lives: our limitations, judgments and fears, or The Infinite? By using the Ishayas' Ascension Attitudes, we are planting new seeds. The Ishayas' Ascension Attitudes open us to the Infinite, every time we use them.  It is not necessary to believe any of this to experience the power of the Ishayas' Teaching.  This is not a belief system: it is simply a set of tools to expand our awareness to the infinite.  We are very much in the world.  Whether we believe we are of the world or not does not matter.  What does matter is our willingness to do whatever it takes to become more of the Truth of who and what we already are.

Do we need to transform? No. Do we want to? That is the question. We stand on the threshold of Immortality and Full Enlightenment for the Entire Human Race, not just some isolated part.  The Ishayas know this full well, they know also that their Teaching of Ascension is the shortest and quickest means to bring this about; therefore they have ordered this Teaching into the world.

The truth is we are all experiencing a Quickening. The question is: Are we aware of it? The Quickening is more issues and harder challenges being handed to us every day. Sadashiva gave us a program which has been called the "fast track" to experience the expansion of our consciousness into its fullest Enlightenment.  It suggests a life-style that serves our consciousness instead of our appetites. We don't have to do this alone, anymore, ever again.

First Sphere Ascension Attitudes

The Praise Ascension Attitude corrects the fundamental stress of the modern world, that something is wrong with the individual life. This Attitude by itself is sufficient to generate full enlightenment, but because of most individuals' life-long habit of strain and divided minds, more techniques will usually be required to perfect growth. Nevertheless, the first Attitude is sufficient unto itself and will usually prove the most useful for transforming the grossest levels of beliefs and judgments about life. This Attitude above all others can be used any time of the day or night when it seems that individual life is not progressing as well as it could.

Similar in power for transforming the root stresses of modern life is the Gratitude Attitude. The focus here is on the objective world; this technique is designed to cure all erroneous beliefs and concepts about the body and the external Universe. It is the master key for unlocking belief in the limitations of the body, in sickness and in death; it also is the first stage in mastery of the outer world. As such, it is invaluable for healing disease of any and all kinds.

For many, the Love Attitude is the sweetest of the first three; it is designed to heal all the misconceptions about our relationship with the Ascendant itself. Together, the first three techniques are capable of removing all beliefs and judgments about the limited nature of the three primary divisions of human life: subjective, objective and spiritual. These three Attitudes together are sufficient for anyone to climb to enlightenment. Further techniques are for greater acceleration.

The Fourth Technique clarifies the relationship of the individual with all other human beings and animals. Invincibility in human life is the result of mastery of consciousness; this is based in harmlessness. (Harmlessness is called ahimsa in the ancient literature. Mastery of ahimsa means that no creatures ever have enmity toward you or will knowingly harm you.) Harmlessness is established by the full development of compassion, which is the automatic by-product of this technique. Universal Compassion is the requirement for enlightenment from the standpoint of the Ascendant. Only those who have proven they will not abuse their power are given the key to the Door of Everything.

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