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About Ascension

The Ishayas' Ascension is a meditative practice, a series of 27 simple yet immensely effective, purely mental techniques designed to remove stress from the nervous system, thereby expanding consciousness. If you can think, you can practice Ascension! The expansion of consciousness can lead to the personal experience of states of awareness that have traditionally been called "enlightenment."

Stress in the nervous system is defined as conditioned behaviors, artificial belief systems, limited definitions of self, as anything that limits your ability to freely create your life's experience, to live fully in the present moment, and to know and experience - consciously and continuously - your vital, living connection with your Divine essence. Remove these limitations, and you will experience the true meaning of freedom. Remove these limitations, and you can re-claim your natural inheritance: full human consciousness.

The earliest stages of enlightenment can develop relatively quickly, and depending on your dedication and focus, a continuous expansion into ever more subtle and blissful awareness can occur. You can awaken as quickly or as slowly as you choose. You need only commit fully to making it so.

Within these pages are resources to help you on your journey to enlightenment, a journey which is as vital and real as you choose to make it. If we can help you to vitalize your journey, contact us.

The following are some basic questions and answers about Ascension.

What is Ascension?

The Ishayas’ Ascension is a series of simple, profoundly effective meditation techniques that allow one to Ascend, or rise beyond, stress and self-limiting beliefs. As this occurs, it is possible to be fully centered in the heart and reclaim our natural state of freedom and innocence. The Ishayas’ Ascension is extremely effective because the techniques are based on the fundamental principles of Praise, Gratitude and Love, drawing one inward in a way that is extremely charming to the mind.

How is the Ishayas’ Ascension different from other forms of meditation?

First of all, comfort is a crucial factor. It is not necessary to make any special preparations, or maintain a specific posture in order to Ascend. Ascension can be practiced at any time, anywhere, in any position that is comfortable. Also, Ascension can be practiced not only with the eyes closed, but with the eyes open, at any moment in the day, so that one can engage life fully, with a clear mind, and an open heart. Finally, Ascension is not a religious teaching. Anyone can practice the Ishayas’ Ascension without altering their religious beliefs in any way.

Why do we need the Ishayas’ Ascension?

As one grows into adulthood, the nervous system becomes imprinted with every experience it has ever had, including traumatic ones. These imprints, or stresses, cause us to respond to various life experiences in habitual, often negative, ways. The easy-to-use techniques of the Ishayas’ Ascension systematically erase the stresses of the past and create the ability to respond to present situations with more creativity and flexibility.

How does the Ishayas’ Ascension benefit the mind?

The Ascension Techniques still the chatter in the mind, and reveal the underlying peace and coherence inside. When this happens, it becomes easy to rewrite old self-destructive beliefs and habits, based on a new experience of life. It is much too difficult to attempt to change these behaviors from the outside. With these techniques, the accumulated mental debris falls away naturally, by changing experience on the inside.

How does the Ishayas’ Ascension affect the body?

In as few as twenty minutes with the eyes closed, the Ascension Techniques help the body to reach a level of rest that is deeper than sleep. This allows the body’s natural healing tendencies to activate, clearing the nervous system of stress. What happens as more and more stress is removed from the nervous system? As more and more stress dissolves from the nervous system, one’s ability to handle life’s challenges in the present moment increases. Latent creativity and talents begin to manifest. Many people find that the longer they practice the Ishayas’ Ascension, the more efficiently they work and the less sleep they need.

Are there other benefits to using the Ishayas’ Ascension?

Yes. The effects are immediate and cumulative. As the nervous system becomes more and more refined, the Ishayas’ Ascension begins to serve its true purpose; the heart and mind come into alignment, producing a state of inner stillness, clarity and oneness. In this state, because one is no longer reacting to the limitations of the past or projections of the future, life is lived fully in the present moment. This pristine clarity is not easily interrupted or shaken by the challenges of everyday life. When regularly practiced, Ascension helps one to realize freedom in far less time than traditionally assumed.

Some Useful Definitions


The word "Ascension" is used in two ways in common parlance in our times. Within the context of orthodox Christianity, it refers to the event which is said to have occurred after the Resurrection of Jesus (Jeshua/Isha): He "ascended to heaven," bodily, so that he might sit at the "right hand" of God, His rightful place in Christian cosmology.

In our modern times, the term "Ascension" is also being used to describe a process of refinement of both humanity and the planet Earth so as to raise our "vibration" or "frequency" in an effort to elevate the planet and its occupants to a "higher" level. Some people have hoped for an escape from the physical dimension through this process, but in recent years a more sophisticated understanding has begun to evolve in which it is seen that a refinement that anchors heaven on earth - whatever dimension may be involved - is the desired goal, not escape from and abandonment of earth.

We use the term "Ascension" in neither of these ways, though it can be argued that Ascension as we teach it actually serves the process of "refinement" just described and that the process may involve something like the experience of Jesus/Jeshua/Isha. Our use of "Ascension" is based on the literal meaning of the verb "to ascend," meaning "to rise above or beyond." And what is it we seek to rise above? Artificial limitations in the form of self-judgment, fear, guilt and shame, low self-esteem, compulsions, addictions, limiting belief systems -- anything that stands in the way of clear, conscious communion with the Truth of who we really are and the living experience of the fundamental identity of our personal essence with that universal Essence all great spiritual traditions call Divine: the Ascendant One.


The name "Ishaya" is a Sanskrit word based on the name or title "Isha," meaning "Lord." Since Sanskrit is a language characterized by multiple layers of possible meaning, there are several layers of meaning to the term "Ishaya."

When Jesus/Jeshua traveled in India and Tibet, he was known as "Isha," the word for Lord, a signifier of respect and honor. (In still other languages, such as Japanese and Arabic, he has been known as "Isa.") As such, this word becomes both a personal name and a title of respect. Acknowledging that Jeshua was a perfected embodiment of the Christ Consciousness, "Isha" is also a designation equivalent to the Western use of "Christ."

The derivative form, "Ishaya," then comes to mean "for or of Christ Consciousness." Therefore, for a person to be addressed as an "Ishaya" signifies that that person is focused upon and serves Christ Consciousness through the Teaching that Isha gave us through John and the Ishaya Order. Teachers of Ascension who have taken vows as Novitiates, Novices, or Ishayas, take the name "Ishaya" as an honorary surname to signify their dedication to serve Christ Consciousness.

Historically, the Ishaya Order is a group of individuals, some in physical embodiment and some not, who have dedicated themselves to keeping the teaching of Ascension alive in the world.

MSI used the word "Ishaya" in at least three ways: 1) to signify the 108 Masters who have dedicated themselves to the preservation of Ascension through the centuries; 2) to signify those who have qualified as teachers of Ascension in modern times and who therefore serve humanity by supporting people in their movement toward realization of Christ Consciousness in themselves; and 3) to signify any enlightened being, of whatever tradition or lineage, since to grow in enlightenment is to grow in Christ Consciousness, regardless of the actual terminology used by each particular tradition.

So, you see that the word "Ishaya" is rich with meaning, a word that represents a noble and sacred principle: dedication to the manifestation of the Christ in oneself and in all humanity as the foundation for the creation of Heaven on Earth.

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