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Just Another Meditation Technique?

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The Ishayas' Ascension: Just another meditation technique?

An Article by Sraddha

There is a core of Truth about what it is to be fully human, to be an enlightened being, that has existed in some form or another since mankind's "descent"/"fall" into the illusion/belief that this 3-D body and "world" in which we find ourselves is "real." This core of Truth can be found in all enlightened teachings throughout the world (and, most likely, the universe). So, for all intents and purposes, there is nothing new to be taught, nothing new to be learned, only a Truth to be remembered. This is the ultimate intent of all Truth-based teachings. And just as there are thousands of different nervous systems and degrees of desire-to-remember on this planet, so there are thousands of ways to accomplish this "re-membering" and returning home to the Truth of who you/I/we are.

All that is truly needed for this "re-membering" to occur is, in fact, a very simple shift in awareness. This shift, as small as it is, amounts to the most colossal of paradigm shifts that can occur in human consciousness. Why so? It is the shift of awareness from identification with the "I" that I think "I" am, to the I that I truly am. (Some call it being "born again.") If our lives were likened to movies, it is like a shift of identification with and being totally absorbed in the "role," the dramas and plots, the stage settings and props, to an identification with being the actor and realizing the infinite immensity and limitless creative possibility of the "life" that is occurring in and around the "movie." From this perspective, the "movie" takes on a completely new dimension. And for the awakened "actor," the role comes alive in new and magnificent ways.

Meditation has always served the intent of helping the serious "seeker" to connect with the ultimate Truth of Being—the Self as Source/God/Transcendent Reality. Some meditation techniques are "warm and fuzzy," gentle and slow, while at the other end of the continuum, some cut through the "illusion"/false identification like hot knives through butter. Some encourage focus on "whatever comes along," others are very "one-pointed." Some teachings emphasize how difficult the process is while others emphasize the simplicity. The continuum is endless. Each human with the desire to "re-member" will eventually find the philosophy and technique for this inward journey that suits his/her particular nervous system and depth of desire. Focus is the key.

The Ishayas' Ascension is not for everyone. It is probably one of the simpler techniques, in that there are no postures, breathing or physical exercises, or efforts of any kind required. In fact, any “efforting” at all will make the process difficult. But, it is probably one of the more difficult techniques, because it "cuts" quickly and deeply. And that means, life WILL change.

Quick and deep? The techniques (Ascension Attitudes: simple phrases) are given in whatever language the seeker uses as his/her "mother" tongue, so they are understood subconsciously as well as consciously. The Ascension Attitudes are simple phrases that hold phenomenal power. This power is derived from harnessing the power of the Ascending Current of Creation: Unconditional Love, and then harmonizing/synchronizing body, mind, heart, and soul in that vibrational frequency. The right and left hemispheres of the brain (heart and mind) are synchronized easily through the use of certain words that invoke the Ascending Current. The body is brought into harmony/synchrony as the words are used and the frequency is established. The wavelength/frequency of Unconditional Love is the same as the DNA spiral (cf., Dan Winter, The HeartMath Institute). And, of course, Unconditional Love is the frequency of the Soul.

Using the same amount of energy, one can light a 75-watt bulb and light up a room or focus it through a laser and send the light to the moon. The effect of harmonizing body, mind, heart, and soul on the Ascending Current and then aiming that energy has an effect similar to that of a laser beam. If we want to eradicate the "darkness" or non-Truth that binds us to the illusory "reality," the "movie," then being able to focus the light that casts our darkness on those fundamental non-Truths or misperceptions is crucial.

The First Sphere of the Ishayas' Ascension, the first four Ascension Attitudes, have as their focus the destruction of the foundational misperceptions about being human in 3-D "reality." And, interestingly enough, they parallel or outline what can be seen as the "journey" of the awakening/awakened soul. The first part of the "journey" is the inward journey or re-membering and At-one-ment with Divine Self/Source (the first 3 Ascension Attitudes). The second half of the "journey" is the outward one, the At-one-ment with Divine Self/Source in All-That-Is and the simple desire to give nothing but love to God/Self/All-that-is, knowing that giving to God/Source is the same as receiving, for "I Am That."

The inward journey has components that have been addressed by awakened Masters since the dawn of time. The Ascension Attitudes address these through their focus on the misperceptions that perpetuate the false beliefs or structural components from which our "waking state" reality is created. When one comes to KNOW that there never will be, there is not now, and never has been anything wrong in the universe, coupled with the restoration of "right-relationship" with the Divine/Self and all of Creation, and with the subsequent loss of judgment, fear, and the need to control, the paradigm shift begins to occur.

Much of this shift occurs through the practice of eyes-closed Ascension in which barriers to knowing Truth are removed. The Ishayas' Ascension has an eyes-open mode also. This mode is designed to help the "practitioner" focus on Truth all day long and develop an acute awareness of where his/her awareness is focused in every moment (Witnessing).

Coming to know the God Who I Am on the inside and dwelling in that knowing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is the next radical step. As awareness deepens, focus becomes more one-pointed, and the joy of Unconditional Love and union with Divine Self grows, the next step is inevitable. The movement from simple Praise, Gratitude, and Love into Compassion—the ability to clearly see What Is and to act from a foundation in Unconditional Love and unity with All-That-Is—occurs simply as the most natural expression of Self.

All of the traditional Vedic attributes of the Self-Realized can be attained through the use of the first 4 Ascension Attitudes: non-violence, non-grasping, non-stealing, truthfulness, self restraint, purity, contentment, voluntary boundaries, study of the Self, and unalterable surrender to God. None of these or any part of the "paradigm shift" can occur without a one-pointed desire for this to happen or the willingness to LET GO of that which is "known" for that which is unknown and must become known.

The "letting go" and restructuring aspects are where many get "stuck" or simply need help. Help can come in many ways. Being able to ask for help and then being attentive to the many forms in which it might arrive is essential. Sudden inspiration or insight, group work, body work, individual spiritual counseling, exercise, a workshop, a book or article, something someone says, the "mirroring" present in a current situation, simple awareness and time for integration and more Ascension are all possible parts of the process.

For the practitioner of Ascension, the "bottom line" guidelines need to be:

1) Simply Ascend, eyes open and eyes closed, no matter what the subjective experience is during the process, focusing on what is Real in every moment.

2) Then, when faced with the dramas, circumstances and emotions of life that cause discomfort, remembering that you are not those "experiences" and asking: is this flowing with grace and ease, and what does my heart KNOW? To truly discern "grace and ease" and what the heart KNOWS, one must be willing to put aside judgment and expectation and simply, in Silence, be with (not resisting) what is and then notice whether this (the situation, the problem/answer) causes my heart to expand or contract.

Move effortlessly in the direction of expansion, whatever it takes. Expansion, simplicity, grace, joy, and ease are all natural to the Ascending Current of Creation. On that current, the ties that bind us to the "movie" (limitation in the form of false beliefs and fear) can be overcome, At-one-ment achieved and true freedom enjoyed.


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