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A Bridge to Infinty

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A Bridge To Infinity

By Usas Ishaya

“There is no separation; we are One with everything.” “Everything that Is, is present here and now; there is nowhere to go,” “It’s all an illusion.” ”Everything is Perfect.” These ideas, and others, are Truths that we have all heard or read, and which we know intuitively - to one degree or another - are true. And yet, when it comes to our own experience in our daily lives, we are not yet able, always, to live these Truths for ourselves.

We require a Bridge to take us from our present experience to the experience we want. The Ascension Attitudes are specifically designed to be that Bridge. They take us from the beginning point of our actual everyday experience (in both our inner world and our outer world) and lead us experientially step by step to the point where we eventually are experiencing such Truths for ourselves every day.

We begin in the “illusion” because at the beginning that is where most of us base both our attention and our identity. We must start at the point where we actually are. Whether we like it or not, the truth is that, at least to start, most of us operate daily in our thoughts and actions as a separate “I,“ even when we accept on some level the truth of the statement that there is no separation. The good news is that we have the ability to change all that once we are prepared to do so.

Through our willingness and commitment simply to use the Attitudes and have them work, we bring ourselves to the discovery that perhaps the “I” or “me” I have always experienced myself to be is both more and different than I thought it was. Our experience of “I” expands. This process is a very personal one and the words “my,” “me,” or “I” are used in part to make it clear that a particular Attitude is not just a general statement, but rather is directly related to “me” as I experience “me” now.

How does this happen? We start to train ourselves to align our thoughts moment by moment with Praise, Gratitude, and Love—those fundamental building blocks of the Cosmos—by choosing to think the Attitudes. Quietly, subtly, as we think the Attitudes and let whatever happens happen, the answers to important questions— “Is it possible I really am loved unconditionally and without judgment right now, as I am with all my doubts, guilt and fears?” ”Is the life I am experiencing now truly praiseworthy? If so, how?” ”Can I really appreciate the fact that I am alive—that I exist?” “What does that mean?” ”Who am I, anyway?” ”What if I was more than just the body, what would that ‘more’ be like to experience?” —simply begin to emerge, sometimes on the unconscious level. We find ourselves simply experiencing the answers as our view of some things (especially ourselves) just seems to change. This usually happens so gradually and effortlessly that we don’t even realize a change has occurred until something happens to call it to our attention, or we suddenly find ourselves telling someone else about how valuable they are. We are beginning to think in new terms based upon a new Whole premise. What could be easier? And isn’t it refreshing to have such beautiful thoughts regularly in our minds?

As we Ascend, and allow these new experiences, at some point we also discover that we are not just experiencing this physical or material world, but that there is something much more than that present at the same time, something that is actively at work in our world of “the illusion.” Not only that, but we discover we’re also exploring what is beyond the “illusion”; we discover a depth available to us that we had never even suspected existed before. We first become conscious of, and then familiar with, the Silence—Pure Consciousness, Innocence, Infinity—and, most importantly, our Relationship with That. This new awareness that we usually experience first with the eyes closed, gradually blends into our physical world experience (our everyday life, in other words), and that then transforms to more closely reflect the Truth we are coming to know inwardly on a very personal basis.

Our thoughts and ideas about our everyday experiences color dramatically how we experience our life and what is possible in our lives. At the beginning it’s the self-critical and fearful thoughts that actually comprise the majority of our typical thoughts and it’s our everyday, moment-to-moment thoughts that count. As we Ascend we discover that we choose, either consciously or unconsciously, each of the thoughts through which the everyday events of our lives are interpreted and thus experienced. Together, the Attitudes and our growing relationship with the Ascendant assist us to consciously re-form those thoughts to reflect a growing sense of infinite worth and equality that emerges from the experience of being loved at very deep levels.

The Attitudes, then, when used diligently, represent a means by which we can make a radical change in the thoughts that populate our minds on an everyday basis. Based upon our own willingness and experience, we are literally changing from a viewpoint in which we are disconnected (separate) from God and from the other people in our lives—and experiencing all the fear and pain that follows from such a viewpoint—to celebrating the Reality of having an extremely intimate and personal relationship with All That Is, and experiencing all the love, safety, and limitless possibility that follows from that.

It is a choice—our choice. Which reality will I choose right Now to make my own? And Now? And Now?

Used by permission of the "Society for Ascension" at

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