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Selections from "Ascension"

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Selections from “Ascension”

by MSI

“The greatest gift you can give those you love is the example of your own life working.”

My name is “I AM”

“Those who are desperately lonely and love-starved are living in an artificial hell of their own creation.
They are lonely and love-starved only because they demand that everyone else prove they love them first.”

The Source of All That Is.
“There never was a time when I was not,
Nor you, nor these rulers of men,
Nor will there ever be a time when all of us will cease to be.”
-The Bhagavad-Gita

“The Universe is our mirror: it is to us, as we are to it.”

“When we accept others as they are, they change.
When I accept myself as I am, I change.”
-Carl Rogers

“All people are doing the best they can, everywhere, always. No exceptions.
At all times, there is only good.”

“Love or fear, which do you choose?”

“If our beliefs are responsible for our lives, then we can change our belief structure.
If we change our beliefs, our perceptions and actions will necessarily change.”

Praise. Gratitude. Love. Compassion.

Celestial Chorus by Sharon Webb.

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