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A Secret That Can Transform Your Marriage

There is an exceptional set of writings from a video entitled "Two Secrets That Can Transform Your Marriage", which, in turn, are based on a  retreat on "Christian Marriage in the Light of Jungian Psychology".

These writings, from the Inner Explorations web site, are entitled, A Secret That Can Transform Your Marriage in The World of Jungian Psychology and Towards a Spirituality and Theology of Marriage in The World of Christian Theology. Both address the same issues, improving our marriages, but from two very distinct, and apparently contradictory points of view. However, the authors make a very compelling case for the union of these two very different philosophies, and they are well worth reading.

You may choose the one you would rather read and use, based on your preference (Christianity or Jungian Psychology), or both. But if you have problems in your marriage (and who doesn't?), take the time to read this material.

Both these articles are now available here at You will find links to them at the bottom of this page.

The following is a very telling excerpt we wanted to share, as we believe it says it all, and it is a wonderful introduction to the articles:


Sit down with your spouse and see if you have reached that critical moment in which you both don't want things to go on like they did before and are willing to stop blaming each other and start admitting that there are powerful forces in the unconscious of each of you that have been responsible for a large portion of your behavior.

Then you can begin, together, to explore those areas that have become problems, and try to find some simple things that each of you can do, with the help of the other, to begin to look within and make contact with your other side.

The Secret

What is the secret that can transform your marriage? It is that the secret of our wholeness lies within each of us. We have to stop putting the burden for it on our spouse. Both of us are meant to go on that inner journey that leads to individuation, but it is our partner who should be our companion along the way, helping and sustaining our own journey. If we take the pressure off each other to supply each other with wholeness, and begin to seek it inside ourselves, our marriage will actually become much stronger and more loving."

The Articles at

A Secret That Can Transform Your Marriage

Towards a Spirituality and Theology of Marriage

The Inner Explorations website:

"Two Secrets That Can Transform Your Marriage"

Inner Explorations

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