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Unconditional Love - A Poem

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Unconditional Love - a Poem

Unconditional Love

A treasure to be cherished,

A gift from God above;

Is the beauty of a friendship,

Touched by unconditional love.

A love that asks no questions,

Believes in all the best;

Never doubting, ever trusting,

Withstanding any test.

A love that weathers any storm,

And yet that love still stands;

Through the very darkest hour,

It still reaches out a hand.

There in that hand the sweetest gift,

That you can give a friend;

A heart that cares, a love that shares,

That will be there till the end.

A treasure to be cherished,

A gift from God above;

Is what I share with you my friend,

An unconditional love.


by: Allison Chambers Coxsey

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