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As a guide to our visitors, we’ve put together this document entitled “ Suggested Path” which is designed to help guide you through the material available here. This is ONE suggested “path”, with a short description of each section’s content so you can more easily and quickly find what you are looking for.

We suggest going through it in order, as this will most likely stimulate your thought processes and perhaps introduce you to some concepts you may not have encountered before; but this is by no means a requirement. You may skip and jump around and derive just as much from the information presented here. As always, your feedback and suggestions are appreciated and taken into account.


The “Preliminaries” contain some of the basic information that we should first begin to grasp about relationships, our marriage and ourselves. In many cases, as it turns out, we have been living with erroneous pre-conceptions and ideas about these subjects, and it is useful to get the experts’ opinion on some of these. It’s a wonderful starting point to help us ponder, think, and perhaps begin to look at things a bit differently.

"Marriage & Relationships"

In the "Marriage & Relationships" section you will find articles about Infidelity and some of the other common issues in marriage; myths are exploded and widely held beliefs are challenged. There are also articles about Trust, Intimacy, Boundaries, and on showing our true self. In addition, here you will find information on relationship challenges, some practical ways to change and improve them, as well as advice on saving your marriage. There are excellent articles about telling The Truth, Communication, Parenting and a very candid and enlightening description of the “roles” we tend to play within our relationships. Also here you will find articles about Truth and Honesty, as well as Secrecy and Privacy. Last but not least, Barry Long’s exceptional views on Woman, her rightful place in the universe, and Man’s responsibilities to her.


If some of what we read in the section above perplexes us, we will find many answers here, in the "Psychology" section. Why we do the things we do, feel the things we feel, and how we turn ourselves into victims or victimizers by using the protective tendencies of the ego.

There is a lot of material here; on our Shadows, Personality, Behavior, Archetypes, our Inner Child, the Will, Anger, Emotional Literacy, and much more.

Through this material we begin to see that much of what we think we are and what we think guides our behavior can be explained and understood better, and it gives us the beginnings of guidance towards change and improvement.


The "Philosophy" section is intended to help us understand how we became believers in science and measurement, and how we perhaps lost our roots in faith and in powers that are beyond our comprehension. Perhaps it is the first step for modern man to get back in touch with long-lost ideas and belief systems that served our forefathers well.

"Discussion Forums"

The “Discussion Forums” are the place to share, explore, ponder and debate amongst like-minded people. It is the place where we can get others’ opinions and views, and where we help each other perhaps see outside of our self-limited view. The Forums can be our best place to learn. A place where we can find some answers, where we can interact with others around our doubts, fears, and discoveries.


This section we call “Core” contains what is perhaps the “meatiest” part of our material in that it introduces and delves into the two main concepts that we wish to present; Unconditional Love and Forgiveness.

Here you will probably find many unfamiliar concepts and ideas, but hopefully, with the background gained in the Preliminaries section, you will be able to make the transition smoothly, and be able to incorporate these two key ideals into your life.


Our "History" section is perhaps the very best example of how easily we attach ourselves to certain beliefs and ideas, often simply because they are written, or because we grew up hearing them.

Here we explore a small section of the Bible, and how a deeper understanding of the language and customs of those who wrote it can deliver such a different message than the one we have heard all our lives. Regardless of whether we accept the “new interpretation” or not, it is a fine example of how easy it can be to receive or deliver a different message from the same words or circumstances.

In addition, we explore the teachings of some of those who understood this message differently than we did, and the very profound and enlightened way in which they led their lives based on universal spiritual beliefs.


It is through the study of "Forgiveness" that we first make a fundamental challenge to many of our long-held beliefs. One of the keys to life, happiness, and fulfillment comes from this understanding. An invaluable step towards a better life.

We have Dr. Guy Pettitt’s “Complete Forgiveness Process” online, as well as extensive material on “Radical Forgiveness”, Colin Tipping’s revolutionary “New Forgiveness” system, the basic concepts of “A Course in Miracles”, Quotes, Perspectives, Definitions, and much more on Forgiveness. It is one of our most extensive areas.

"Unconditional Love"

Hand in hand with Forgiveness comes "Unconditional Love". Again, it is one of the elements that will challenge our beliefs and lead us to a shift in thinking, a shift in our view of ourselves, our loved ones, and the world around us.

In our Unconditional Love section we have an extensive area by Dr. Greg Baer, probably the foremost modern thinker around Unconditional love, including excerpts from his books, including “The Truth About Relationships”. In addition, we have articles by many other authors, including Deepak Chopra, Shakti Gawain, Rabbi Yehuda Berg, Barry Neal Kaufman of the Options Institute, Michael Ryce of Heartland, as well as the incomparable Barry Long.

The Unconditional Love section is the “Heart and Soul” of this website.


In “Affirmations” we feature 3 beautiful & inspiring affirmations by Michael Ryce of Heartland, author of “Why Again?”.


In "Inspiration" you will find one of the highlights of our website. Our slide shows are inspiring and beautiful reminders of those things we know but have forgotten, and of some of the beauty we so often miss in our daily race. (Here I must highlight “Dalia’s Orchids”. These are some of the beautiful orchids my dear ex-wife has grown for many years.)


As we grasp and begin to internalize the “Core” concepts, we quickly move into the realm of what is called “Spirituality”. Here you will find a wide selection of materials from many different cultures and teachings, to suit your preferences and interests. Like everything else here, it is often useful to educate ourselves about different thought systems and how they came about, since we will rapidly find that in essence, they are all talking about the same things, simply using different words and different presentations & symbolism.

But it is here, within Spirituality, that you will find the greatest joy. It is here where it will ALL come together at last, where it will all make sense…


In our "Spirituality" section you will find material from Yoga, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Theosophy, Ascension, Christianity, Judaism, an extensive collection of “Conversations with God” excerpts and articles, material by Deepak Chopra, Shakti Gawain, Debbie Ford, Caroline Myss, Eckhart Tolle and “The Power of NOW”, Vivekananda, Ramakrishna, Barry Long and Lynne Forrest, among others.

"Practical Applications"

These all come from other areas of the site, and it is a place where we have added links to articles that offer exercises, ideas and other “Practical Applications” that you can put in practice in your life.


"Wisdom" includes quotes and short essays about many of the subjects on the website, as well as a few humorous ones, also related to our subject matter. This is an area where you will always find something new and something to lift you spirit and make you smile. We suggest you visit it often.



Naturally, as we begin to read and learn, there will be areas that spark our interest or passions, and we will wish to find out more. It is for this reason that you will find our Books and Internet Links sections. Here you will find links to further information and books mentioned in the material in the site; all in one place!


Links to most of the books mentioned on the site, with their links to By purchasing your books through our links, you help maintain the site, and allow it to grow to serve you better. Thank you!

"Internet Links"

Here you will find links to additional material and many of the sources we have used. Please visit these sites, as many of them have been invaluable to us in our journey.


In order to make the material as accessible as possible, we’ve included numerous tools to help you reach your destination or find what you need. The major ones are:


Our Resources page contains links to all of the major sections of the website.

"What's New?"

Our What’s New page has links to the newest material posted on the site. It is useful when you return since you’ll quickly find new material related to subjects of interest.

 "Site Map"

The Site Map page shows you all of the material on the site by subjects. Many articles and sections will appear in several categories, since they apply to several.

"Table of Contents"

The TOC page is not accessible directly from any link on the site. It shows all of the material on the site in a “tree”, section by section. We chose not to make it available directly, since it can be confusing and in some cases will lead you to pages that are not meant for viewing.


Our Search page allows you to search for any reference to a name or subject on the site. Useful when we don’t remember where we saw something….


Our Feedback page gives you links to email us with comments, praise or criticism, or just to say hi!



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