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When Crystal and I first discussed the idea of a website, this centered around having a Discussion Forum where we could share our thoughts, pains, and victories in an environment where we could feel "safe" and do so in a friendly way. Where everyone's "real feelings" and thoughts would be respected, accepted, and supported; in keeping with the principles of Unconditional Love, and in support of the belief that it is only when we show our real, imperfect selves that we can truly feel loved.

We now open our forums for precisely this purpose and with these principles at heart. We are glad to have you join us and participate in the forums. All we ask is that you try to keep these basic and simple principles in mind as you do.

This website and the forums are a work of love and a desire for sharing and for personal growth. Our sincere thanks, and all our love, to all who have supported these efforts!

Special thanks are due Qfwfq, Lucky, Dawn and HW2003 for their truths, their love, and for being who they are.

Welcome to our Forums!


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