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Radical Forgiveness Wisdom

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Radical Forgiveness Wisdom

from the book, "Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle", by Colin Tipping.


To transform anything we must experience it fully and love it just the way it is


What you Resist, Persists


We are spiritual beings having a human experience 


As Above, So Below

Heaven above, heaven below;
stars above, stars below;

all that is above, thus also below;
understand this and be blessed.

Kircher, Prodrom


May we all stand firm in the knowledge and comfort that all things are now, have always been and forever will be, in Divine order, unfolding according to a Divine plan.


And may we truly surrender to this truth, whether we understand it or not.

May we also ask for support in consciousness in feeling our connection with the Divine part of us, with everyone and with everything so that we can truly say and feel-we are One.

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