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Radical Forgiveness Theory & Philosophy

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Radical Forgiveness Theory    

from the book, "Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle", by Colin Tipping.

Ordinary forgiveness is letting bygones be bygones - letting go of the past while still holding onto the idea that something wrong or bad happened. That often seems like a difficult task and it usually takes a very long time before we begin to feel the forgiveness.

Radical Forgiveness is also a deep commitment to releasing the past. However, the release is more total since it involves a shift in perception that allows us to see that what happened was actually perfect from a spiritual point of view. It is experienced as a profound insight and can occur in an instant.

Radical Forgiveness enables us to see the spiritual meaning in any situation; the big picture, so to speak. We are able to recognize that life is divinely guided and unfolding for each of us exactly how it needs to unfold for our highest good. We are able to surrender to the flow of life and to learn that, ultimately, there is nothing to forgive.

When we receive this insight, we can let go of being a victim and find peace, even in the most unpleasant of situations or memories of what happened. And, when we see that, at the soul level, our perceived enemies really love us and are giving us an opportunity to heal and to grow, our hearts open and we are able to come back into alignment with them.

The Spiritual Philosophy of Radical Forgiveness

Radical Forgiveness is a spiritual philosophy based on some of the following assumptions [from the book, "Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle", by author and spiritual teacher, Colin Tipping]. If you find that you have a willingness to be open to the possibility that such assumptions are true, then Radical Forgiveness can work for you. You need only be willing to be willing:

1. There are at least two realities - each interacting at different vibrations. The SOUL bridges both worlds.

a. The World of Divine Truth: a spiritual reality - essentially mysterious and beyond our five senses to perceive it and beyond our mental capacity to comprehend it.

b. The World of Humanity: the objective reality that we see 'out there' with our five senses. It is the setting in which we live our everyday life as spiritual beings having a human experience.

2. Life is not just a random set of events without purpose or intelligence. What appears to happen haphazardly is really the unfoldment of a Divine plan that is totally purposeful in terms of our spiritual growth.

3. We are co-creators with Spirit in the circumstances of our lives and we get precisely what we want (no exceptions). The extent to which we resist (judge) what we get, determines whether we experience it as either joyful or painful.

4. Whenever we get upset with another person (or organization), they are resonating in us something that we have condemned in ourselves and denied, repressed, and projected on to that person or thing.

5. Our soul will always move us in the direction of healing and will keep on creating situations that offer us the opportunity to see the 'error' in our thinking or unconscious beliefs. People come into our lives to lovingly 'act out' the parts over and over until we heal the error. Herein lies the gift.

6. The people who appear most troublesome are our greatest teachers, for they may be offering us the opportunity to heal by either:..

a. Mirroring what we have rejected in ourselves and projected on to others.
b. Forcing us to look at something we have repressed.
c. Keeping us on track with our mission (our agreement with Spirit to do certain things in our human experience to either meet a karmic debt, complete with a past life contract, or assist in transforming energies within the human condition).

7. What appears to be happening in the objective world - all that we call life - is merely illusion. It is a projection of our consciousness (unconscious beliefs, ideas, attitudes, etc.). To know what these are, look at what is showing up in your life. Trying to change or control the outer circumstances of our lives (the illusion) is futile unless we first change our consciousness.

8. You cannot heal what you cannot feel. Anger work is essential to forgiveness.

9. Disease begins in the subtle bodies first and only later does it manifest in the body as some kind of illness. Radical Forgiveness raises consciousness, thus allowing our Higher Self to acknowledge the energy of Perfect Wellness.

Four Steps to Radical Forgiveness

Adapted from Arnold Patent's 3-step process, this simple piece of spiritual technology is designed to be used in the moment that something upsetting occurs or shortly thereafter.

Step 1: “Look what I created!” This first step reminds us that we create circumstances for our own healing, so guilt is not appropriate.

Step 2: “I notice my judgments and love myself anyway.” This step acknowledges that judgments are an essential part of the human experience.

Step 3: “I am willing to see the perfection.” The willingness step represents the essential one in this forgiveness process. It equates to a prayerful surrendering in the moment to the Divine plan - whatever that is.

Step 4: “I choose the power of peace.” By accepting that Divine purpose is served here, we choose to feel peace and to use the power of peace in whatever actions are required.

Practice this four-step process as often as possible. Make it a part of your awareness and see what a difference it makes to your life.

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