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by Colin C. Tipping, M.Ed.

Radical Forgiveness is "radical" in that it acts on our psyche in such a way as to enable us to let go of being a victim and to recognize that, in truth, seeing it from the perspective of the spiritual "big picture", there is nothing to forgive. That’s because life is divinely guided and unfolding exactly as it should for our highest good, no matter how it may outwardly appear. Those who seem to victimize us are in fact our greatest teachers and are offering us opportunities to heal.

Relationships are where this is continually being demonstrated. In my book, Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle, I give the example of how Radical Forgiveness saved, my sister, Jill’s, marriage. She had an unconscious core belief that she was unlovable and "not-enough", formed at the age of two in response to her father’s seeming lack of demonstrable love for her, which had become a dominant and creative force in her life. Jill’s story shows how the divine part of her continually created opportunities for her to heal on that belief.

Through the process of Radical Forgiveness Therapy, I was able to get her to see that her marital "problem" was in fact another set of "synchronicities", divine arrangements and soul agreements designed to help her heal that core misperception that was robbing her of her true potential. When the symbolic truth of her situation was revealed to her and the light came on, all the so-called "problems" dissolved; and both she and her husband Jeff, also a hero in the story, were transformed.

Radical Forgiveness enables us to see the true spiritual meaning behind the apparent circumstances of ANY situation and to find peace even in the most "unpleasant" of situations. Our hearts open, we become trusting of the process of life, and we become released from the victim archetype.

This is the healing that we must all experience and the healing that the whole world needs if the next great leap in spiritual evolution is to occur.  Radical Forgiveness is, therefore, the key to our spiritual evolution. If we want to move into the fourth dimension, there is no other choice.

Since I began doing forgiveness workshops ten years ago, I have heard enough horror stories from people to convince me that there is not a human being on the planet that has not been seriously victimized at least once in their lifetime, and in minor ways more times than they could count.

Everywhere we look – in the newspapers, TV, and even in our own personal lives, we see victimized people. We read, for example, that at least one out of every five adults in America today was either physically or sexually abused as a child. TV news confirms that rape and murder is commonplace in our communities and crime against the person and property is rampant. Around the world we see torture, repression, incarceration, genocide, and open warfare occurring on a vast scale.

Even if we do not see ourselves as severely victimized, who among us could say they have never blamed someone else for their lack of happiness? For most, if not all of us, that simply is a way of life.

Indeed, the victim archetype is deeply ingrained in all of us and exerts great power in the mass consciousness. For eons we have been playing out “victimhood” in every aspect of our lives, convincing ourselves that victim consciousness is    absolutely fundamental to the human condition.

The time has come to ask ourselves the question – how can we stop creating our lives this way and let go of the victim archetype as the model of how to live our lives?

To break free from such a powerful archetype, we must replace it with something radically different – something so compelling and spiritually liberating that it magnetizes us away from the victim archetype and the world of illusion; something that will take us beyond the drama of our lives so we can see the big picture and the truth that, right now, lies hidden from us; something that will awaken us to that truth, so we will understand the true meaning of our suffering and be able to transform it.

That something is Radical Forgiveness. As we prepare for the next great leap in our spiritual evolution – which I believe is imminent, Radical Forgiveness offers us a way of living based not on fear, control and abuse of power, but on true forgiveness, unconditional love and peace.

To transform any energy pattern, we must be able to experience it completely and fully. Consequently, in order to transform the victim archetype, we must experience “victimhood” fully. There is no short cut! We must create situations in our lives that allow us to feel victimized. Only then can we can transform the energy through the only form of forgiveness which recognizes this truth – Radical Forgiveness.

Jesus gave a powerful demonstration of what transforming the victim archetype through love means and I believe he now waits patiently and lovingly for us to follow His lead. Up to now at least, we have been unable to learn from His example precisely because the victim archetype has had such a strong hold in our psyche.

We have straddled the fence and attempted to forgive while staying committed to being a victim. We have even created Jesus as the ultimate victim. This does not move us forward in our spiritual evolution. True forgiveness must  include letting go of victim consciousness and seeing what is real beneath the apparent circumstances of our lives.

While ordinary forgiveness holds on to the idea that something wrong took place, Radical Forgiveness challenges us to recognize that, in truth, there is nothing to forgive  It allows us to see the true spiritual meaning in any situation. It teaches that, without exception, everything that happens to us is divinely guided, purposeful, and for our spiritual growth. We get to see that Spirit does not make mistakes.

When we understand that our life is guided in this way, we find true peace – even in the most unpleasant of situations or memories – and we are released from the bondage of the past. When we understand that our enemies really love us (at the soul level) and are here only to teach us, our hearts open and we are released from the victim archetype.

Radical Forgiveness is the key to our happiness, the key to our spirituality, and the key to our spiritual growth. It is also the key to healing cancer and other diseases, the key to world peace, and the key to planetary spiritual evolution.

To transform an energy pattern so fundamental as the  victim archetype, many, many souls must accept this as their spiritual mission – souls who possess the wisdom and love necessary to accomplish this immense task. If you are one who has been abused or otherwise made to feel a victim, ask yourself whether you might be one of the souls who volunteered to come in to transform the victim archetype, once and for all?

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If you would care to express your desire for a world of forgiveness, and for racial reconciliation in America, visit and read the 'Spiritual Petition.' Then add your name to the petition. Thanks!

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