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"The Heart of Healing"

By Dr. Guy Pettitt 

Available for download

This is three-manual desk-top publishable book which I have written. 

Its purpose is to try to make available to people all they need in order to be able to forgive and release themselves from negative feelings and beliefs arising from past traumas, betrayals and disappointments.  

There are stories throughout to illustrate the various points.  

The forgiveness process is one of the ways in which I see people obtain more contact and integration with their own Higher Self.


In Vol.1 (108 A4 double column pages) you will find:

The reasons we all will need a forgiveness process.

What's in it for you?  The benefits of applying forgiveness processes.

The Psychosynthesis model of the human being and three main levels of consciousness; Understanding the interconnections between the body, emotions and mind, the will, the personal self and the Higher Self. 

On the nature of the Self. 

On the nature of the emotions, including healthy and unhealthy forms of emotions. 

On safe and healthy forms of emotional release.

On the will and the mind processing. 

On the nature of love and its developmental stages. 

On beliefs systems and unconditional love. 

What forgiveness is and is not.

The difference between forgiveness of others and self-forgiveness.

Seven Patterns of Goodwill, from the Aramaic Language


In Vol. 2 (159 A4 double column pages) you will find : 

How to know when forgiveness can be needed and how to get a "forgiveness agenda" either by questionnaire or off your body, by muscle testing.

The phases and steps of the processes of forgiving others, and of self-forgiveness. 

Each step is described in all the detail needed to accomplish it successfully.

On guiding others through the forgiveness processes.

On overcoming obstacles.

On forming a self-help group to study and apply forgiveness.

On forgiveness in families and groups, in business, politics, and race relations.

Thoughts about an International Day of Forgiveness and an United Nations International Year of Forgiveness at some time in the future.

A vision of a possible future with more unconditional love in the world.


In Vol. 3 (46 A4 double column pages) you will find: 

This is simply a small and lightweight summary of the all steps of the processes, with the explanations removed, which can be used once the processes have been mastered using Vols. 1 & 2. 

There is also information on using shortened versions of the forgiveness process. 

Vol. 3  contains information about the muscle testing procedure for those who want to take that further

A list of further resources is included in Vol.3.


"At the Heart of Healing is unconditional love;  One key which opens the Heart is forgiveness."


"The Heart of Healing" is now available for free download here at Dr. Pettitt has very generously offered it for all our visitors. Please click on the link below for the download pages:

The Heart of Healing download page

Dr. Pettitt's Forgiveness Process online at

Dr. Pettitt's Forgiveness Process Website

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