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Wellness Project of Whole Life Endeavours

The Health, Joy, Love, and Forgiveness Seminars.

These 2-3-day seminars have evolved since 1982, and have been successfully given in New Zealand, Australia, England, Sweden, Holland, Lithuania, Switzerland, the USA and Russia. Music and movement are mixed with didactic and experiential exercises to maximize learning.

First evening

Introductions and building a trusting and committed group.  Group agreement on guidelines, including confidentiality.  Learning to think in terms of "energy" and energy-flow as an aspect of love and goodwill.  We are to explore the natural laws that govern this.  Kinesiology, (muscle-testing as  one form of biofeedback to show the effects of how we think upon our energy flow). Developing a "forgiveness agenda" -how do you know where you need to apply the forgiveness processes? The Primary Love Relationships. The Secondary Love Relationships.

Making friends with the so-called negative emotions.  The true purpose of the primary emotions (anger, fear, grief, admiration, guilt, and love) is beneficial change and growth, the evolution of consciousness through learning experiences.  The effect of their toxic "distortions"

(e.g. resentment, disease, excessive fearfulness, self-pity, envy, self-hate, conditional love etc.) are obvious, and cloud our perceptions.  But in the human family we are learning to use our emotions to guide us into directing goodwill where it is needed.

1st Full Day

Demonstration of either the Forgiveness-of-Others Process or  Self-Forgiveness-of-the-personality Process.  Group then forms pairs and practices doing and guiding each other through the process.  Group sharing of the lessons learned.  A model for the human psyche from psychosynthesis -including the levels of the divided self (sub-personalities), the personal self, and the Higher Self.  The nature of the Will, and its role in mind-processing, goal-setting and behavioural change.   The role of cathartic therapies. Basic human needs.  The goodwill patterns that with forgiveness, complete the anatomy of unconditional love.

2nd Full Day

Demonstration of the Forgiveness-of-Others Process or Self-Forgiveness-of-the-personality Process (whichever was not done on Saturday).  Group forms pairs and practices doing and guiding each other through the process.  Grounding. Summaries from the group. Formation of small self-help groups who will continue to meet after the workshop and support each other in applying the material using the workshop manual and/or Edith Stauffer's book. "Unconditional Love and Forgiveness".

What others have said about the Forgiveness Workshops:

“I was very much affected by the Forgiveness have helped me to “see” so clearly.......there is a form of communication that can cross any barriers.” (secretary)

“I found the ideas presented of great value to me.  I am in the process of integrating them into my life - already the quality of life has improved.” (mother)

“I thought that I would need the money for further psychotherapy, but now I don’t.” (patient)

I have found putting it into practice has brought many benefits - especially in the family, which is wonderful...” (parent)

“My use of the Forgiveness Process made a great deal of difference in the relationship with my husband in the last weeks before he died.  And my son, whom I had not seen for sixteen years, wrote to me for the first time... there is just no resentment any more.” (grandmother)

“Psychosynthesis has helped me a great deal, -after years of constant battling, I finally made peace with my past.  It is a joy of constant progress and understanding, with a flow of love and peace from within always present.” (businessman)

“As I let the love, joy and wonder of Life flow back into my life, I realised that I have something special to offer the children, and to the people with whom I work...” (teacher)

“Now I have choices, and the freedom to be myself once more...”

“The times I use the exercises, they boost my morale and give me strength to keep on loving openly and freely.  I feel once again in control of my life....I know the answers are within me, and that I am in control of my choices...I have really benefited.” (recently widowed)

“I realised I had once again found my own identity.  I was no longer caught in the downward spiral of anxiety and loss of my identity through the bearing of the burdens of my son’s addiction. I was free to function with love, compassion and energy, rather than being paralyzed with anxiety and unhappiness.  .... Life has become an adventure once more, and most importantly, I have choice and freedom to be me once more...” (mother)

“From the bottom of my heart I’d like to thank you for everything you shared that weekend in Stockholm - the love, warmth, energy, enthusiasm, joy, trust, softness, humbleness, and also the methods, theories, practical experiences ... we got so much from it, I feel great gratitude...” (student)

“The week after the workshop was an extremely constructive one in the workplace.  I have frequently reflected inwardly and brought calmness to the many stressful situations which seem to arise in operating theatres.  The effects on myself and those around me are superb...” (hospital staff member)

“The weekend was really life-saving for me, I would have gone under and not been able to cope or to see things as they really are. It was a great gift for me.”

“I found the forgiveness exercises really helpful and for the first time I realised that I could separate forgiveness and the taking of actions.   I have worked through the hostility, hurt, and resentment that there was in me toward my spouse, and the great sadness there was in me for the loss of the relationship. ... becoming free of the fear and anxiety that I carried, I have recovered the joy of being alive and I feel young again .... I can only really thank you...”

“In all my fifty-seven years I have never felt such a flow of love, serenity, and warmth that this last few days have brought me.... even as I write love flows from my innermost being in a torrent of energy and peace combined...” (businessman)

“I have never had so much fun as at the last workshop.  There are no painful memories left, just great joy...”

“I am a new woman as you can imagine, and my partner feels the difference in our sexual love­making.  My love flows out to the children and I see them blossoming.  Thank you, I could never have done it on my own.” (survivor of sexual abuse in childhood).

“Through the knowledge and love brought in the Forgiveness workshop, I gave myself a gift, - of love and forgiveness, - a quintessential gift that is now most precious to share.” (secretary).

The person I recommended to attend the Forgiveness workshop last year really benefited from the course. She joined up with a friend and practiced the way you taught. She then did not need any long psychotherapy! (Psychotherapist)

Whole Life Endeavours

Dr. G. Pettitt, MA, MRCP, FRNZCGP, DObstRCOG

81 Cambria St., Nelson, New Zealand

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