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The Heart of Healing

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The Heart of Healing

Dr. Guy Pettitt, of Whole Life Endeavours, Nelson, New Zealand, has been researching this material since 1980. He has taught seminars on the application of the forgiveness processes to both public and professional groups in New Zealand , Australia (including the S. Australian Department of Education), Lithuania, Russia (Mental Health Research Institute, Moscow), Sweden, Holland, Switzerland, the U.S.A. and UK. The inspiration for this work came from Dr. Edith Stauffer who brought the material to Australasia, Korea and Japan in 1980, and has also taught it in Europe and North America.

Dr. Guy Pettitt is a longtime friend of, and some time ago he generously allowed us to reproduce his "Forgiveness Process" on our site. In the summer of 2004, he offered us his "Heart of Healing" materials so that we could provide them for download, to which we enthusiastically agreed.

These materials are the complete set of 3 "The Heart of Healing" books, the "Health, Joy, Love & Forgiveness" workshop manual based on  the same material, the "Goodwill" booklet, articles on Forgiveness written by Dr. Pettitt, the Bruderhof organization's e-book "Why Forgive", and other Forgiveness resources.

We are proud to offer our visitors these magnificent and valuable Forgiveness resources, recognizing that Forgiveness truly is "the heart of healing", and hoping that by making them available here, we may in some way contribute to personal, national and worldwide forgiveness and healing.

Following is Dr. Pettitt's own introduction to the materials, with a few minor modifications to reflect the difference of media from the  CD he has distributed, to our website version.

We hope you will find this material useful and as valuable to your personal healing as we have. Once again, our most sincere thanks to Dr. Pettitt for his generous contribution to love, forgiveness and healing.

This website contains my book “The Heart of Healing”.
It is in Adobe .pdf version you can view with Acrobat Reader, and print out your own copy for binding into three ring-bound manuals, if you wish.

There is a copy of the manual used in the "Health, Joy, Love and Forgiveness" workshops

There are also other resources related to the Process of Forgiveness.

I wish you all the best in using it, a lots of will to persevere with it in order to get the benefits.

Guy Pettitt
Nelson, New Zealand, 2003






Dear Reader,

Welcome to this website and the book “The Heart of Healing”.

It comes to you as a labour of love.

Why did I make this material?  I wanted to share with people the forgiveness process. Not everyone can go to a forgiveness workshop or a therapist trained in the forgiveness process. Some people do become able to forgive on their own – they find their own way.  Others find great difficulty.  Yet we will all need to be able to forgive at some time during our life. Chronic resentment in its many forms is too costly in physical and social health.

Edith Stauffer’s book “Unconditional Love and Forgiveness” is excellent.  But not all people I worked with found it able to answer very complex situations.  So I wrote the book “The Heart of Healing” in three manuals to supplement her work.  I found that distributing the three manuals of “The Heart of Healing” (which I made up as and when needed), was rather expensive in postage (from New Zealand to other parts of the world).  It was this that led to the idea of making “The Heart of Healing” into a CD that anyone could read - using Acrobat Reader software, and from which they could print out their own paper versions. 

For the last few years I have distributed this book as a three-manual set to people who lived too far away from me. They somehow “found their way to it” and asked me for it. Publishers I approached did not feel it would have a sufficiently wide appeal to the commercial market, and I can understand the reasons for that. Forgiveness work is not a topic that lends itself easily to being made into a riveting, un-put-down-able book that totally grips, and requires little effort from, the reader.  On the contrary, this work will demand much from you, the reader – in terms of commitment, attention, dynamic will, perseverance and so on. But the benefits to you may be very great, and the effort you make, well worthwhile.

The Good News: This book has proved very helpful to some people who have applied themselves earnestly and seriously to using it over a period of time. One person used her will to do 65 forgiveness processes using it! She forgave every single person for whom she felt any resentment. The amazing thing was that a chronic illness of five years’ duration, resistant to all previous treatments, departed from her.  I was as surprised as she was. It is her example (together with others) that encourages me to see if there are any more people who might benefit from this very beautiful process.

I have had no training in using a computer, or even in typing. It took me ages to master even simple word-processing techniques.  Please be kind if you find mistakes and let me know about them. 

You will (I hope) be able to find at least one version of “The Heart of Healing” on this website that you can open with your particular computer, read on your screen, and print out your own copy or copies (Adobe Acrobat reader required). By getting the pages bound at a local print shop you will be able to make up your own manuals.

On this WEBSITE you will find: 

THE HEART OF HEALING BOOK - The three manuals of the Heart of Healing, in .pdf format.  You will be able to read these with the appropriate version of Acrobat Reader for your computer. This is a free download from There is also a general description of the book, and a photo of the three manuals as a demonstration model.

The Heart of Healing Contents & Download

THE FORGIVENESS Workshop Manual - contains the manual as used in forgiveness workshops. This manual has less in the way of explanations than the “The Heart of Healing” book, as such explanations are given orally during a workshop. However, it is included on this CD because some people have told me they liked to use it (some even daily!). It has brief summaries of all the important aspects of the Unconditional Love and Forgiveness process, and the Goodwill Patterns, in it.  There is also a brief description of a forgiveness workshop.

Forgiveness Workshop Agenda & Manual Download

GOODWILL - Here you will find a booklet you can print out about some Aramaic mind-sets that create Goodwill and Right Human Relationships. There is also a questionnaire (or ‘profile’) so you can evaluate yourself to find out where you stand regarding them now, and later to assess your progress in this area of developing your soul’s potential.

The Science of Goodwill & Goodwill Booklet Download

FORGIVENESS PROCESS WEB SITE - This material is available at, please click on this link:

Forgiveness Process by Dr. Guy Pettitt

Articles by DR. GUY PETTITT - Here are some general articles about why forgiveness and health are related, an article published in 1987 in the New Zealand Medical Journal, that was updated in 1995 for the Journal of the British Holistic Medical Association, one from the Journal of Esoteric Psychology, and two others as examples of the many articles around nowadays. You could make your own collection of articles related to Forgiveness and Goodwill over the coming years. It is quite an interesting project to have, and keeps the idea of forgiveness alive in your mind. And remember, energy follows thought, and thought is how we build the future.

Download - Forgiveness Article updated '87-'95

Download - Forgiveness & Health 1999

Download - Forgiveness & Health 2001

Download - Journal of Esoteric Psychology-Forgiveness

Download - Forgiveness-A Winter's Tale

Download - Forgiveness & Reconciliation

THE FORGIVENESS RESOURCES - contains a list of books, articles, web-sites etc, that you may find useful. You might like to do your own search of the internet too – use the Google or AskJeeves Search engines – they are excellent.  (, or )  You will find many varied web sites related to Forgiveness.

Download - Forgiveness Resources

BRUDERHOF - The Bruderhof organization's e-book, "Why Forgive?"

Download - Why Forgive-Bruderhof

Link to more Bruderhof E-books

I wish you all the very best.

Using this material will really exercise and strengthen your will - and also, I hope, your capacity to strengthen and express the unconditional love that lies deep within you.

Yours sincerely,

Guy Pettitt

81 Cambria St., Nelson, New Zealand

June, Winter Solstice, 2003


None of these materials should be used as a ‘medical or psychological treatment’ for any condition, on its own.

Always consult an appropriate health practitioner - medical, surgical, psychological, as necessary.

This material is simply offered to you as a pathway for you to increase your knowledge and skills in the forgiveness process.

Healing of this kind can supplement your appropriate treatment programmes, not replace them.

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